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Silver Lynel Damage ToTK – Explore Its Power

Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom is an RPG (Role Playing Game) developed by Nintendo.

The game is a welcome addition to the Zelda franchise. 

The Lynels were first introduced in Breath of The Wild. However, Nintendo has also added all the variations of the Lynels in Tears of Kingdom. Furthermore, Silver Lynel has the highest stat among them all, with a massive 5000 HP and a total damage of nearly 120.

Continue reading to discover how strong Silver Lynels are compared to other Lynel variations and how much damage Silver Lynels can do.

Introduction To Silver Lynel And Its Damage Power

Lynels are centaur-like monsters, first introduced in Zelda: Breath of The Wild. 

Additionally, The Lynels come in four variations; Lynel, Blue-maned Lynel, White-maned Lynel and Silver-maned Lynel. 

Among the four, Lynel has the lowest HP of 2000 and total attack power of 48

Moreover, Silver-maned Lynel has the highest HP of 5000 and total attack power of 120

Since the introduction of Lynels, they have been among the strongest monsters in the Zelda series. 

Silver Lynels have been influenced by Ganon’s evil magic, and they are the strongest of the Lynel species, outperforming even those with white manes.

They have the same move set as normal Lynels, but their attacks deal far more damage.

If it roars, it will charge up and launch an explosive strike in a broad area around it.

Silver-Maned Lynel Spawn Location

Silver-Maned Lynels are naturally spawning monsters. The monsters spawn after the player has killed the previous variations of the Lynels. 

The previous variations are; Lynels, Blue-maned Lynel and White-maned Lynel. 

Additionally, if the player does not kill the previous tier Lynel, the advanced tier Lynels will not spawn. 

However, the players must enter the depths to find Lynels to fight.

The players can find the Lynels in; Great Abandoned Central Mine, Abandoned Kakariko Mine, Abandoned Lanayru Mine and Abandoned Tarrrey Mine. 

Silver-mane MapTOTK
Spawn locations for silver-maned Lynel.

Moreover, the density of the monster is heavily centered around Great Abandoned Central Mine and Abandoned Kakariko Mine.

Silver-Maned Lynel Stats And Power

Silver-Maned Lynels are the strongest variation of the Lynels. 

Moreover, the monster possesses a massive HP stat of 5000, Melee Attack Power of 90 and Ranged Attack Power of 30.

In comparison to the other Lynels, Silver-Maned Lynels are the strongest. 

Comparatively, the Lynel variations have a difference of 1000 HP between each tier. 

However, the total attack power difference between the Lynel variations is massive.

While the Lynel only has a total Attack power of 48, the Silver-maned Lynel has a total attack power of 120. 

The difference is nearly 3 times, which indicates that Silver-maned Lynels are the strongest among its variations. 

Silver-mane model TOTK
Silver Lynel in ToTK is the strongest of all Lynels.

How To Defeat Lynels?

Inherently, Lynels have one of the highest stats for monsters in the game. 

However, they can be defeated. Here are a few steps to help you defeat a Lynel in Tears of The Kingdom:

  1. Shoot an arrow at their head to stun the Lynel. 
  2. Once stunned, charge and mount the Lynel.
  3. After mounting, you get a few free hits until the Lynel recovers. 
  4. Repeat the steps until Lynel falls. 

Additionally, if you are having trouble aiming for Lynel’s eye, You can attach an “Eyeball” to your arrow or try to enter “Bullet Time.”

Rewards From A Lynel

Once defeated, each Lynel variation drops a set of rewards. Here is a list of the rewards: 

Lynels Defeat Rewards
Lynel1. Lynel Hoof
2. Lynel Saber Horn
3. Lynel Mace Horn
Blue-Maned Lynel1. Lynel Hoof
2. Lynel Guts
3. Blue-Maned Lynel Saber Horn
4. Blue-Maned Lynel Mace Horn
White-Maned Lynel1. Lynel Hoof
2. Lynel Guts
3. White-Maned Lynel Saber Horn
4. White-Maned Lynel Mace Horn
Silver-Maned Lynel1. Topaz
2. Ruby
3. Sapphire
4. Star Fragment
5. Diamond

Additionally, the items dropped by Lynels are used mostly as fusing materials for other weapons. 

However, every material has a different fusing attack value. 

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The Bottom Line

Lynels are considered one of the most formidable monsters in the Zelda Franchise; however, they can be defeated. 

Additionally, as in every RPG, the Lynels drop great loots for the players to make the encounter worthwhile. 

Hopefully, this article has helped you understand how to deal with the Silver-Maned Lynels and the Lynel variation as a whole.

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