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Capture Syndicate Thugs And NPC In Palworld

Palworld is a game where you can capture humans and treat them like pals.

One of the most notorious groups of humans in the game is the Syndicate Thugs.

Palworld Syndicate Thug is a group of criminals who capture and sell Pals. They want to make money and power by selling Contraband Pals to Black marketers. The player can capture and sell Syndicate Thugs using Pal Spheres.

Continue reading to learn more about what Syndicate Thug wants and how to capture them in Palworld.

What Does Syndicate Thug Want?

The Syndicate Thug is a group of criminals who capture and sell Pals, the creatures that inhabit the world of Palworld.

They work for the Rayne Syndicate, a powerful organization that seeks to exploit Pals for their gain.

The Syndicate Thug wants to gain power by selling Contraband Pals to Black Marketers.

They want to stop anyone opposing the Rayne Syndicate, such as the player and their allies.

Notably, they are one of the main enemies in Palworld, and the player will have to fight them in various locations and scenarios.

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How To Capture And Sell Syndicate Thugs For Profit?

The player can capture and sell Syndicate Thugs using Pal Spheres, as they trap humans and Pals inside them.

To capture and sell Syndicate Thugs for profit, you need to follow these steps:

1. Have Pal Spheres

Make sure you have at least one Pal Sphere ready.

You can buy them from shops or craft them yourself.

2. Find A Syndicate Thug

Find a Syndicate Thug and attack them with a melee weapon or a gun.

You can find the Syndicate Thugs in various locations worldwide, such as the Bamboo Grovesand the Rayne Syndicate’s Tower.

Significantly, try to lower their health as much as possible, but avoid killing them.

 You can also encounter them during random raids on your base.

syndicate thug
Attack syndicate thug with a melee weapon or a gun.

3. Use A Pal Sphere

Throw a Pal Sphere at them, and they will be trapped inside the ball.

A Capture Rate percentage will appear, and you’ll have to wait to see if the capture attempt was successful.

The lower the health of the Thug, the higher the chance of capturing them.

4. Sell Syndicate Thug

Once you have captured a Syndicate Thug, you can sell them to a Black Market Merchant for a decent amount.

These shady merchants sell Contraband Pals, which the Syndicate stole or captured.

You can find them in various locations worldwide, such as the Bamboo Groves.

How To Get A Pal Sphere?

You can get a Pal Sphere in Palworld with the help of the following techniques:

1. Crafting

This is the most common way to get Pal Spheres.

However, you’ll need to have a Primitive Workbench built at your base and required materials.

2. Find In The Wild

Pal Spheres are rarely scattered worldwide, often buried in the ground.

Thus, keep an eye out for small, glowing mounds of dirt, and use your shovel to dig them up.

defeat thugs
Pal Spheres are rarely scattered worldwide.

3. Assigning A Pal To Create

You can assign a Pal to your base who works at the workbench.

Further, you can queue up the production of Pal Spheres and they will craft them for you automatically.

How To Craft A Pal Sphere?

Here are the steps on how to craft a Pal Sphere:

  1. Once you have all the materials, go to your Primitive Workbench.
  2. Gather 1x Paldium Fragment, 3x Stone, and 3x Wood.
  3. Select the “Pal Sphere” recipe from the crafting menu.
  4. Start production; if you have a Pal assigned to your base, they will start crafting the Pal Sphere for you.
  5. Otherwise, you must craft it yourself by holding down the F key.
  6. Once the Pal Sphere is finished crafting, you can collect it from the workbench.

The Bottom Line

Zoey, a trainer, commands a powerful Pal named Grizzbolt, who leads the Syndicate Thug.

The Syndicate Thug is armed with advanced weapons, such as mechs and lasers, and they will attack you on sight.

On the other hand, you can use your weapons, such as bows, guns, and spears, to fight back; also, use your Pals to assist you in combat.

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