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Skull And Bones Fire Bombard: Location And Use

Fire Bombard in Skull and Bones is a powerful weapon used to destroy an enemy or their ships quite easily.

Moreover, bombardier is a canon class equipment dealing very high damage as you upgrade your Bombard.

You must first have a blueprint of Fire Bombard before you craft the weapon at the blacksmith. 

Continue reading about Fire Bombard and where to find the blueprint, how to craft at the blacksmith’s, and more down below.

What Is Fire Bombard In Skull And Bones?

Fire Bombard is a weapon blueprint to craft destructive cannon shells that deal damage to multiple enemies within a radius.

 Moreover, it is designed to cause a fire that pierces enemies by burning them and their ships fiercely.

You can find the blueprint with ‘Corrupt Compagnie Officer’ at Sainte-Anne, the pirate’s den on Red Isles.

Fire Bombard Blueprint
Fire Bombard Blueprint as marked in the picture above.

Fire Bombard has many levels, ranging up to four levels before you can max out your canon. 

However, you will first require a wide range of materials before you can buy the blueprint at the vendor and finally craft the weapon at the blacksmith’s.

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Fire Bombard Damage and Is It Worth The Silvers?

The damage of Fire Bombard is high compared to other weapons at the earliest of the Skull And Bones.

Moreover, it deals a whopping damage of 1725 to enemies and their ships.

Although the weapon’s reload time is quite slow, taking seven and a half seconds for a single reload.

Fire Bombard is still worth the silvers and materials as there is also a secondary weapon.

In addition, it deals 150% weak point damage and has a blast radius being 35m long.

Where And How To Craft Fire Bombard in Skull and Bones?

After you obtain the blueprint from the ‘Corrupt Compagnie Officer’, you must head north of the map to ‘Fort Louis’.

Blacksmith Location skull and bones
The Blacksmith to craft the weapon will be found at Fort Louis.

The blacksmith will be available to craft the cannon weapon after you have all the required materials and silvers. 

In addition to upgrading your weapons, you can find the local Blacksmith at different locations on the map.

However, the higher you upgrade your weapons, the more materials and more silver will be required.

Materials Required To Obtain Fire Bombard Blueprint

The blueprint costs 800 silvers to buy from the vendor. However, you will still need a few other materials to put the blueprint into use by crafting.

The materials required to craft the Fire Bombard I are;

1. Iroko Planks x8

2. Bronze Ingot x4

3. Cast Iron Ingot x12

4. Silver x440

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How To Use Fire Bombard In Skull And Bones?

After you’re done crafting the weapon at the blacksmith’s, the job is not yet done as you will need to equip the weapon onto your ship.

To equip the weapon, follow the steps below:

1. Go to your ship’s menu.

2. Click on manage ship.

3. Go to the Weapons section and choose Fire Bombard I.

Fire Bombard on the ship
You should see the cannons equipped onto the ship after you equip Fire Bombard.

Fire Bombard Upgrades

Fire bombard, being one of the most powerful cannons in the game from the early adventure, can be upgraded up to Level IV.

The location of the blueprints is mentioned below:

  1. Fire Bombard II’s blueprint at Sacred Tree (Red Isle)
  2. Fire Bombard III’s blueprint at Sunken Goldmine at Ziwa Kubwa (Coast of South Africa)
  3. Fire Bombard IV’s blueprint at Kelelawar Chamber at Hutan Highlands (East Indies)
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