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Is Tracking The Herd Bugged In New World?

In New World, tracking the herd is a side quest that players must complete to earn one of the legendary rewards.

Furthermore, this quest is quite straightforward but a bit time-consuming.

There is a bug with tracking the herd quest in New World. The developers are unable to pinpoint the exact reason for the bug, but players are claiming there are multiple issues with the quest. There are multiple posts about the bug, but AGS has yet to roll out a hotfix for the bug.

This article discusses tracking the herd quest in the New World.

What Is Tracking The Herd In The New World?

Tracking the herd is a quest in the New World. Players can obtain this quest from the NPC Fionn Valora.

Players can meet Fionn in Aeternum near a crossroad. Here, she will give you the quest after you interact with her.

However, before accepting the quest, you must first complete the “First Light, Last Stand” quest.

You can obtain this quest from Albert Riches. After the completion of the quest, you can head to Fionn and then begin tracking the herd quest.

tracking the herd quest new world
Fionn location for tracking the herd quest.

However, there are multiple layers to accessing the tracking of the herd quest in the New World.

But, if you simply progress through the main quest, you will be directed to tracking the herd quest eventually.

Players must follow various clues denoting the beasts’ migratory path to complete the quest.

Furthermore, players must explore the area completely because they can sometimes miss certain clues.

After completing the quest, players will earn 7500 experience points, 117.50 coins, 15 azoth and “A Spring Dream.”

The Spring Dream is the main reason to complete the quest since it provides ice damage and is a piece of legendary equipment.

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Is Tracking The Herd Quest Bugged: New World

Yes! Tracking the herd quest is bugged in New World.

The bug can range from simply being unable to turn in the quest after completion to not finding Fionn after the quest.

In certain cases, players also claim that they are unable to find Fionn to start the quest either.

Thus, the bug is quite vast with different outcomes depending on the players.

Furthermore, players have made various posts in forums about this bug, but it is still causing issues in the game.

Moreover, the developers have yet to comment on the bug, even after all the forum posts.

Thus, players are voicing their concerns towards the game and the developers. 

tracking the herd specifications new world
Tracking the herd quest specifications in New World.

Plenty more bugs are similar to this bug that players are constantly making posts about on the forums.

However, many of them are still prevalent in the game, and developers claim that they will address the major concerns in the next big patch.

Developers have acknowledged the issue and are working on a fix, but it may be too late for some players until then.

The Bottom Line

Bugs are a part of any application, especially in the case of games. However, it is the duty of the developers to look into it as soon as possible.

But, in the case of tracking the herd quest bug, AGS has yet to respond properly.

Thus, we advise players to keep posting about the issue on the forums until they fix it.

Hopefully, this article can guide you in learning about whether tracking the herd quest is bugged or not in the New World.

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