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How To Knock Out Minthara And Recruit Her In BG3?

In BG3, Players can knock out Minthara when they encounter her at the Goblin Camp.

However, doing so will result in her death and players cannot recruit her again as their companion.

But in patch 5, a new Recruitment method for Minthara allows players to have her on the team.

In BG3, players can knock out Minthara in the Goblin Camp in Act 1 using Non-lethal attacks. Then, During Act 2 in the Moonrise Tower, they can recruit her after helping her escape from prison.

Continue reading to learn more about Minthara and how can you knock her out to recruit her in BG3.

Who Is Minthara In BG3?

Minthara Baenre is an evil NPC and one of the companions or bosses in BG3.

She is a ruthless drow paladin and follower of the Absolute who plans to assault Druid Grove.

Players can encounter Minthara in Act 1 at Shattered Scantum inside the Goblin Camp.

Players can knock out Minthara in BG3
Minthara is a cruel and ruthless character in BG3.

Further, she is one of three Goblin leaders with a cruel attitude towards others.

However, recruiting her to your team can be valuable with her melee powers and healing abilities.

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How To Recruit Minthara After You Knock Her Out In BG3?

Recruiting Minthara requires a specific sequence of actions while you encounter her at the Goblin Camp.

Knocking her out is necessary but it is crucial to avoid killing her to recruit her later in the game.

The steps to recruit Minthara after knocking her out in BG3 are:

1. Enter Goblin Camp

Minthara is located inside the goblin camp so first make your way to the camp.

You should be careful of the goblins who are present inside the camp along with Minthara.

Further, when you locate Minthara, initiate a conversation with her with the dialogue options.

2. Provoke Minthara

As the conversation progresses, choose the dialogue options that will challenge Minthara’s authority.

This will lead to a gradual increase in her hostility towards you.

Then, continue provoking until she turns hostile and initiates a combat.

3. Perform Non-Lethal Attacks

During the combat, only prioritize non-lethal attacks to Minthara.

Further, you can use non-lethal weapons or spells like Sleep or Hold person to reduce her hit points without killing her.

This is very crucial only to knock her out and not kill her with the attacks.

Once Minthara’s hit points reach zero, she will be knocked unconscious.

After Minthara is unconscious, continue fighting the remaining goblins until the encounter is resolved.

4. Reach Moonrise Towers

You need to progress through the game, complete quests, and reach the Moonrise towers in Act 2.

Minthara is found imprisoned in the Moonrise Tower Prison. 

She is there for her failure to retrieve a mysterious artifact from the Druids.

5. Help Minthara Escape

You should find a way to break into the prison and talk to Minthara to convince her to escape with you.

She may be hesitant initially but you must persuade her by appealing to her desire for revenge against goblins who betrayed her.

Further, you need to fight with guards and enemies on your way out of prison.

6. Recruit Minthara As Your Companion

After successfully escaping the prison, Minthara will express her gratitude towards you.

Additionally, she will offer to join your party and you can accept her offer to add her as a companion.

The Bottom Line

Moreover, to knock out Minthara without killing her, players need to switch to non-lethal attacks.

Further, it allows players to add her to their party during Act 2.

Adding Minthara to the team can be worthwhile because of her Illithid Powers.

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