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Snapchat AI Exposed: Protect Your Privacy And Security

Snapchat My AI allows users to chat with an artificial intelligence agent.

However, it has been accused of behaving inappropriately and violating users’ privacy.

Is this a case of a rogue AI or a technical glitch?

Snapchat chatbot is using slurs, gaslighting, and even posting stories without permission; it is caused due to technical glitches. Moreover, it is necessary to maintain your privacy as it can expose a lot of things.

Continue reading to learn more about Snapchat exposure and how to avoid it.

Is Snapchat AI Exposed?

Snapchat My AI allows users to have conversations with an artificial intelligence agent that is supposed to be friendly and helpful. 

However, some users report that the Snapchat AI is exposed and the chatbot has misbehaved.

It has been using slurs, gaslighting, and even posting stories without permission.

Moreover, Snapchat has confirmed that technical glitches caused these incidents.

Further, it is not caused by the chatbot becoming sentient or malicious.

Snapchat has also added safety features and parental controls to prevent misuse of the chatbot.

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What Can Snapchat Expose?

Snapchat can expose a lot of things that you may not want to share with others, such as:

1. Personal Information

Snapchat uses our personal information, such as your name, email, phone number, contacts, device, location, and usage.

Further, with this data, it provides and improves its services and targets ads and content to you. 

However, Snapchat data can expose your identity, preferences, and behavior to hackers, advertisers, or authorities.

2. Photos And Videos

Snapchat can expose your photos and videos, such as the ones you send to other users or post on your stories.

It claims that these snaps disappear after a few seconds or 24 hours.

However, the receiver or a third party can recover, save, or screenshot them. 

Therefore, this can put you at risk for blackmail, revenge porn, or legal consequences.

Especially if your snaps contain nudity, sexual content, or illegal activity.

3. Chatbot Conversations

Snapchat AI is supposed to be friendly and helpful, but some users have reported misbehaving.

However, it has confirmed that these incidents were caused by technical glitches and not by the chatbot lying or being malicious.

snapchat ai
Snapchat data can expose your identity.

How To Avoid Snapchat Exposure?

To protect your privacy and security on Snapchat, you should be careful about what you post, send, or chat on the app.

Further, if you want to avoid Snapchat AI exposure, you have a few options.

You can either remove or unpin My AI from your Chat screen or clear your My AI data from your Snapchat settings.

Here are the steps for each option:

1. Remove My AI From The Chat Screen

To remove My AI from your Chat screen, tap and hold on My AI> Chat Settings.

Further, tap on Clear From Chat Feed> Confirm.

my ai
Go to the Chat Settings.

2. Unpin My AI

To unpin My AI from your Chat screen, tap your profile icon and go to Settings.

Then, select Snapchat+ and turn off the My AI toggle.

3. Clear Your My AI Data

To clear your My AI data, tap your profile icon and go to Settings.

Then, scroll to Account Actions, tap Clear My AI Data, and confirm.

The Bottom Line

You should review and adjust your Snapchat settings, such as who can see your stories, snaps, and locations.

You can also opt out of some features, such as Snapchat AI, Snap Map, or third-party integrations, if you don’t want to use or trust them.

Finally, you should never forget that nothing on the internet is truly private or temporary, so you should think twice before you snap. 

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