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Why did Snapchat Delete my Account? How to Recover it?

Are you having difficulty logging into your Snapchat Account? If yes, it may be due to the account being permanently deleted.

Having your Snapchat account disappear is no less than misery. It hurts more when Snapchat deletes your account, and you don’t know why they delete it.

Snapchat may delete your account if you violate community guidelines, use unverified email/phone numbers, have multiple accounts, violate copyrights, engage in gratuitous violence or terrorism, or upload sexually explicit content.

If you are wondering why Snapchat delete your account, do not Panic!

In this article, we will explore the common causes of why Snapchat deleted your account and how to recover them.

Why did Snapchat Delete my Account?

Snapchat is one of the most popular social media apps worldwide, which allows users to capture and share memories with friends and family with endless entertainment.

Snapchat deletes your account if you go against its terms and policy. It will delete your account without any warning.

The purpose of deleting a Snapchat account may have some underlying reasons. Here are some of them;

1. Your Account Seems Fake

Creating a fake account is to harass or spam other users.

If any user starts spreading false rumors, fraudulent activities, abusive behavior, etc., the original user might report it to Snapchat.

If someone reports your account as fake, Snapchat may delete it.

2. Owning More Than Two Accounts

You can use at least two accounts at a time on your device. Snapchat may delete your account if you keep swapping Snapchat accounts on a single device.

Officially, you cannot operate more than one Snapchat account at a time on your device.

Therefore, you must use a single Snapchat account for safety purposes.

3. Unverified Email/Phone Number

Snapchat may use your contact number/email to personalize your account and for the two-factor authentication.

It sends SMS to your contact number or emails you about account activity alerts, pending friend requests, chats, and many more.

The unverified Snapchat account appears suspicious, and it may take action against such accounts.

If you send a friend request in a bundle before verifying your email/number, Snapchat might delete your account.

4. Uploading/Sending Explicit Content

Sexually explicit or pornographic content is not allowed to share on Snapchat. This type of content is against the terms and conditions of Snapchat.

Moreover, sharing adult videos of people under 18 years is a crime. Snapchat may delete your account if you send/post such content.

5. Use of Unauthorized Third-Party App

Using an unauthorized third-party app could result in the permanent deletion of your Snapchat account.

Snapchat does not allow unauthorized third-party apps such as SnapTools, Phantom, Emulator, SCOthman, Snapchat++ and, Sneakaboo.

Unauthorized third-party apps use the account login information, such as username and password, threatening your account.

If you use such apps/plugins, you may have a problem logging in. Sometimes your Snapchat account may get locked.

Note: If your account is locked permanently, the Snapchat support team won’t be able to unlock it.

6. Violation of Community Guidelines

Snapchat does not allow sharing people’s personal information without their authorization.

Moreover, you should never use Snapchat for illegal activities such as hate speech, terrorism etc.

You may lose your account if you post content that supports such illegal activities.

If your account is deleted for violating community guidelines, you cannot use Snapchat again.

It is imperative to learn the terms and conditions of Snapchat to avoid account deletion.

7. If You are Using VPN

If you are using VPN to break the rules of Snapchat, there may be a possibility of your account being deleted.

While VPNs are not illegal, they are not recommended for use while using Snapchat.

VPN users use the shared IP. If anyone breaks the rules on Snapchat, they may punish everybody with the same IP and delete the accounts in loads.

Therefore, it is better not to use a VPN on Snapchat unless urgent.

Moreover, VPN may be useful in other circumstances. Continue reading to learn why you should never go online in public without a VPN.

8. Automated Engagement

Snapchat does not allow you to use automated tools or any spam bot.

Spam bot sends unwanted messages, spammy links, malware, and advertisements via Snapchat accounts.

Therefore, Snapchat may delete your account if you use such tools.

How to Recover Deleted Snapchat Accounts?

Before proceeding with recovery, you must check whether your Snapchat account has been temporarily deleted or locked.

If your account is temporarily locked, you can try logging in with the credentials via the app or the web. Simply select the unlock option.

Furthermore, you must wait 24 hours after your account has been locked before attempting to re-login.

Snapchat locks your account permanently if you violate community guidelines, so you can assume that your account has been deleted.

Recovering a locked account is not as challenging as getting it lost eternally.

Here’s how to recover your deleted Snapchat accounts.

  1. First, visit Snapchat support.
  2. Select Contact Us.
  3. snap chat support contact us

  4. Select I can’t access my account> I see an error message when I log in.
  5. click on problem relatable snapchat support

  6. Please scroll down to find the account questions option and click on it.
  7. click account questions snapchat

  8. Then, Under Reactivate Your Deleted Account, click reactivating a Snapchat account.

Using this process, you may be able to recover a deleted account.

Also, if you have an iCloud-backed iPhone, you can recover deleted Snapchat data, not an account.

Moreover, it is impossible to recover your Snapchat account if it has been deleted for more than thirty days.

Therefore, always try to recover your Snapchat account within 30 days.

There is no way to recover your account once it has been permanently deleted.

Disclaimer: You may find various options if you Google “Snapchat recovery tools.” However, all those tools are merely advertisements for fake websites that are absolute scams. You should not rely on these tools.

The Bottom Line

I hope you find this article very helpful and easy to follow. Try it out and recover your deleted account within 30 days.

Keep in mind that if you send something to your friends on Snapchat, you risk losing your data and your Snapchat account if you are not careful.

Enjoy Snaps!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Happens if Snapchat Deletes Your Account?

Snapchat account deletion will result in the removal of its central database.

As a result, all personal data associated with your Snapchat account will be deleted, including your profile information, settings, Snaps, chats, stories, and everything else.

How do I Verify my Account to Avoid Deletion?

To verify your Snapchat account, enter a valid email and number while signing in to your account.

If your email address or phone number is incorrect, your account may go into deletion.

Does Snapchat Delete your Account if you Remain Inactive?

Snapchat does not delete inactive accounts, even if they are no longer used.

You can even stay inactive for an endless duration on Snapchat, but it never deletes your idle account.

If you deactivate your account and do not reactivate it within 30 days, Snapchat may permanently delete it.

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