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What Is Hanging Sign Recipe In Minecraft?

Minecraft 1.20 update brought various new craftable tools for the players to tinker with.

One of them is The Hanging Sign; this Sign is similar to the Sign already in the game but still has a few key differences.

Players in Minecraft can now create Hanging Signs that can give small bits of information and guide players at certain times. However, unlike its predecessor, the Sign, it does have a few key differences with its recipe. 

Continue reading to learn about the uses of the Hanging Sign and its recipe.

What Is Hanging Sign In Minecraft?

Hanging Signs in Minecraft is a placard-like wooden board that players can hang on the side or beneath other blocks.

Additionally, the Hanging Sign is a part of the Minecraft 1.20 Update. Thus, it is relatively new to the game.

Furthermore, before adding Hanging Signs, players could interact with their predecessor, The Sign.

However, players can still interact with and even create Signs in the game. Additionally, they can find a few differences between Hanging Signs and Signs in general. 

Here is a table to show the difference between Hanging Signs and Signs;

FeaturesSign Hanging Sign
Characters (In One Row)158
PlacementOnly TopAll Sides and Bottom
WalkableNoWhen Placed On The Side (with a rod on top)

As you can see, a Hanging Sign is rather expensive to build than a Sign.

However, the Hanging Sign’s placement viability is much better than the Sign’s.

Players use Hanging Signs to warn other players about potential danger. But players also use the Hanging Signs as a marking in their adventures.

Furthermore, Fellow Minecraft players mainly use hanging Signs to welcome them to their homes or have some form of greeting for other players to look at.

What Is The Recipe For Hanging Sign In Minecraft?

Players can create Hanging Signs using Chains and Stripped Logs or Stripped Bamboo.

Here is a list of steps for creating chains in Minecraft;

  1. First, place an iron ingot anywhere on the crafting table. After you place the iron ingot, you can obtain iron nuggets.
Crafting Process Of Iron Nuggets In Minecraft.
Crafting Process of Iron Nuggets in Minecraft.
  1. Then, place one iron ingot in the middle row, the middle column cell of the crafting table.
  2. Then, Place one iron nugget above and below the iron ingot. This will yield you an iron chain.
Crafting Process Of Chain In Minecraft.
Crafting Process of Chain in Minecraft.
  1. Finally, repeat this process to obtain one more iron chain.

After you obtain both the iron chains, you can create the Hanging Sign.

Recipe For Creating The Hanging Sign In Minecraft

  1. First, place a chain in each box in the topmost row of the crafting table.
  2. Then, Fill the bottom six boxes with either stripped logs or stripped bamboo.
Crafting Process Of Hanging Sign In Minecraft.
Crafting Process of Hanging Sign in Minecraft.
  1. Finally, you will obtain your Hanging Signs.

Furthermore, with this crafting method, you can obtain six Hanging Signs to use.

How To Place Hanging Sign In Minecraft?

After you create your Hanging Signs, you can place them on blocks.

Furthermore, here is a list of steps to place your Hanging Sign in Minecraft; 

  1. First, equip your Hanging Sign. Your character needs to be holding the Sign in their hand. 
  2. Then, go near a block where you want to place the Hanging Sign. However, remember you cannot place Hanging Signs on a block.
Block To Place Hanging Sign In Minecraft.
Block to Place Hanging Sign in Minecraft.
  1. After you get near the block, use your right-click or the secondary action button to place the Hanging Sign.
  2. Finally, once you have hung your Sign, you can customize it by writing your small messages.
Hanging Sign On Block With A Message In Minecraft.
Hanging Sign on Block With a Message in Minecraft.

Additionally, players can obtain different types of Hanging Signs based on the wood they use to create them.

Here is a list of woods they can use to create the Hanging Signs;

  • Crimson
  • Jungle
  • Acacia
  • Dark Oak
  • Bamboo
  • Mangrove
  • Warped
  • Birch
  • Spruce
  • Oak
  • Cherry

The Bottom Line

The new Hanging Signs are a bit low on the information front but better on the viability side of placement.

However, the cost of creating these Signs is a bit higher. 

Hopefully, this article can help you build your Hanging Signs and enjoy the tidbits of information worldwide on Minecraft. 

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