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Battle Rifle VS Assault Rifle MW3: Choose Best Loadout

In Modern Warfare (MW3), many players are performing comparisons of battle rifle vs assault rifle to choose their best loadout.

Similarly, players should know the significance of choosing the right weapon to dominate their opponents across varying distances.

When it comes to performing a comparison of battle rifles vs assault rifles in MW3, players should know that the gun choice should be based on their preferred playstyle and engagement distances. Similarly, assault rifles are best during mid-range encounters while Battle rifles are used at long distances.

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Assault Rifle: Most Versatile One

Among the several weapons available in MW3, the Assault Rifle is known for its versatility and extreme damage points.

Similarly, Assault rifles are proven to be trustworthy weapons while learning the gameplay or even for a professional player.

Assault rifles serve as a bridge between a semi-automatic rifle and a submachine gun as they display both of their properties.

Assault Rifle In MW3
Sva 545 is one of the Assault Rifles in MW3.

It provides a range like a rifle and a fire rate closer to a Submachine Gun, making it one of the most efficient guns in medium range.

Moreover, this gun is also categorized as a jack-of-all-trades weapon, as it presents significant range, fire rate, accuracy, and capacity.

Here are some of the best Assault Rifle for players to use in Call Of Duty: MW3:

  1. MCW
  2. Holger 556
  3. MTZ 556
  4. DG 58
  5. TAQ 56
  6. M4
  7. SVA 545
  8. Kastov 762
  9. FR Avancer
  10. ISo Hemlock
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Battle Rifles: Preferred Choice At Distance

Battle Rifles are the most preferred weapons for experienced players in Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare (MW3).

Similarly, these weapons are mostly used to engage with enemies at far distances.

Likewise, Battle Rifles serves as the middle ground between the Assault Rifles and Sniper Rifle.

It provides more range and damage than the Assault rifle and mobility of the Sniper rifle, making it the most effective one.

Moreover, these guns are defined by the use of a semi-automatic or fully automatic mode combined with mid to long-range effectiveness.

Battle Rifle In MW3
Sidewinder is one of the Battle Rifles in MW3.

The Battle Rifles deal heavy damage however come with extreme recoil, so learn to handle the gun efficiently.

Besides that, Battle Rifles provide average mobility but compensate with the high accuracy and heavy damage output.

Here are some of the best Battle Rifles to use in Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare (MW3):

  1. BAS-B
  2. Sidewinder
  3. MTZ-762
  4. FTAC Recon
  5. TAQ-V
  6. Lachmann-762
  7. S0-14
  8. Cronen Squall

Choosing The Best Loadout In MW3

When it comes to choosing your best loadout in MW3, players should know about their gaming style.

Players should learn their preferred playstyle and engagement distance while choosing between the Assault Rifles and Battle Rifles.

If you are a beginner and trying to learn the game, use the assault rifle as it is versatile at all distances.

Assault Rifles could be the best choice for the professional player as well if they focus more on mid-range encounters.

Assault Rifles like MTZ 556 and SVA 545 are best to equip as they have exceptional fire rates and heavy damage output.

Alternatively, if players want to engage from medium to long range, Battle Rifles could be the preferred option.

Likewise, players can choose battle rifles like MTZ 762 and Bas -B for precise and lethal long-range shots.

The Bottom Line

In the vast realm of Call Of Duty: MW3, the choice between the Battle Rifle and Assault Rifle is based on your personal preferences.

Similarly, Experiment with different weapons, attachments, and playstyles to find the best loadout for your game style.

Hence, opt for an Assault Rifle for adaptability and a Battle Rifle for precision in Call Of Duty: MW3.

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