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Snow In Tarkov: Use Unofficial Mods

Snow is a popular topic among the fans of  Escape from Tarkov.

Many players have expressed interest in seeing Snow as a weather condition in the game.

Snow in Tarkov will affect the players’ and enemies’ visibility, sound, movement, and health. However, there is no official snow mod in Tarkov, but there are some unofficial and experimental mods that can simulate Snow. 

Continue reading to learn if there is a snow mod and why players want Snow in Tarkov.

Why Do Players Want Snow In Tarkov?

Players want Snow because it would add more realism, challenge, and variety to the game.

Snow would affect the visibility, the sound, the movement, and the health of the players and the enemies.

It would also require different strategies, equipment, and clothing to survive and fight in the snowy environment.

Some players also think Snow would make the game more immersive and atmospheric.

Further, it will reflect the harsh and cold nature of Tarkov.

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Is There A Snow Mod In Tarkov?

There is no official snow mod, but some unofficial and experimental mods can simulate Snow. 

You can download mods such as Time and Weather Changer or Choose the Weather.

This mod allows you to change the time and weather in the game.

However, the developers don’t support these mods, and they may not work correctly.

Further, it may cause issues with the game; use them at your own risk.

snow fall
The only way to simulate Snow is to use unofficial mods.

How To Use Time And Weather Changer?

To use the Time & Weather Changer or Choose the weather mod for Snow, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Download and install the mod.
  2. Launch the game and press the key to open the mod panel (by default, keypad Home or F12).
  3. Select the time and weather options you want to apply to the game, such as Snow, fog, rain, etc.
  4. Confirm your choices and enjoy the game with the modified time and weather.

Developers Saying On Adding Snow In Tarkov

The developers of Escape from Tarkov, Battlestate Games, have said the following about adding Snow:

  1. They plan to add snowy areas as part of the DLC, mainly related to quests and factions.
  2. They have not confirmed whether they will include Snow in the existing maps or the open world.
  3. They have said that adding Snow would require additional development and optimization; the game takes place in summer.
  4. They said everything would be fine with the game despite the political situation in Russia.

Therefore, it is unlikely that Snow will be implemented before the core game’s release as planned.

However, there is still a possibility that Snow will be added as a DLC in the future.

Snow in tarkov
Snow in tarkov is a highly desired feature by many game fans.

The Bottom Line

To conclude, Snow in Tarkov is a highly desired feature by many game fans.

However, the developers have not confirmed if they will add Snow as part of the core game or as a future DLC.

Therefore, the only way to simulate Snow is to use unofficial mods or fan-made videos.

This may not work correctly or cause issues with the game; it is a possibility but not a reality yet.

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