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How To Win Heart As Murmur In Solium Infernum?

Solium Infernum is a turn-based strategy game where players must acquire prestige(heart) by playing characters like Murmur.

So players must take over territories by waging wars to gain prestige from factions around them.

However, it is quite hard to play Murmor as this character is one of the least popular characters in Hell.

Continue reading this article to learn how to win Prestige(Heart) as Murmur in Solium Infernum.

Prestige In Solium Infernum Wins Heart

Solium Infernum is a strategy game in Hell that requires players to take over Hell’s throne.

To achieve this goal, players must accumulate the most Prestige amongst their competitors at the end of the game.

Each player or AI gets up to 50 turns to achieve this goal before reaching the final verdict.

Hence, players must secure the most Prestige points by the time the Infernal Conclave convenes.

Stats in Solium Infernum
Players must utilize the stats of Murmur to win Hearts.

During the game, players can collect Prestige by utilizing their stats in various ways and some of them are:

  • Players must Control Places of Power that are scattered across the strategic locations on the map.
  • They must conquer locations like the Halls of Avarice and the Tree of Woe to gain significant Prestige.
  • Players can also partake in diplomacy without taking a fight to earn some prestige with their allies.
  • Demanding something from another Archfiend also earns Prestige, but refusal triggers a sanctioned war (vendetta).
  • Insulting can also gain Prestige if accepted but it is a luck-based action as it risks a vendetta.
  • The safest way for players to earn Prestige is through a well-timed present to foster goodwill.

The Murmur Archfiend In Solium Infernum

In Solium Infernum, players can choose from 8 different factions to take over the Hell throne.

These factions are known as Archfiends in the lore who uniquely possess varying strengths and weaknesses.

Similarly, Murmur is one of the Archfiends who has control over the dead, death, and pain.

Murmur heart Solium Infernum
Murmur is one of many Archfiends in Solium Infernum.

Also, Murmur’s voice is very whispery and almost feminine which creates an unsettling aura of mystery and power.

Murmur’s Destruction Ritual is called Danse Macabre which allows players to summon a Legion in their territory. 

Out of all Archfiends, Murmur has the highest success rate for Destruction Rituals as it gains any additional 1 strength.

Finally, here is the base stats of Murmur before the game:

  • Wrath: 1
  • Deceit: 0
  • Prophecy: 1
  • Destruction: 2
  • Charisma: 0

How To Win As Murmur In Solium Infernum?

In Solium Infernum, players can partake in Diablique which allows players to play the single-player campaign.

However, players must play as Murmur to dethrone the powerful Astaroth by gathering schematics and personally eliminating him.

Also, players cannot just win by gathering Prestige as Murmur starts with 0 charisma, making Prestige-farming harder.

Players can follow the following tips and tricks to win as Murmur during the gameplay:

  1. Players must prioritize Schematics by collecting all fragments of the “Machine of Agony” from merchants.
  2. They must be aware of neighboring threats while avoiding direct conflict with Astaroth to manage their other rivals.
  3. Prioritize,  gathering resources and schematics rather than declaring vendettas during the early stages.
  4. Only use insults to trigger vendettas and gain Prestige when you are confident about your dominance.
  5. Exploit external events like angelic invasions to weaken Astaroth’s forces while minimizing your losses.
  6. Provoke Blood Feud and take down Astaroth once you are strategically advantageous than him.
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