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Getting Christmas Tree Token In Monopoly Go

Monopoly Go has come up with an interesting Christmas event in which you can take part and get various prizes and rewards.

The rewards are splendid, but to get it players need to collect all the tokens by taking part in subgames.

In the Christmas event, to get Christmas Tree tokens players need to land on Chance, Community Chest and Railroad squares.

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An Overview Of Christmas Tree Event On Monopoly Go

As the festive season begins, the Monopoly Go Christmas Tree event has brought a lot of fun to the game.

Monopoly GO’s Christmas Tree event offers a list of rewards and tokens, along with Sticker Packs, and an excellent player token.

Christmas themed board Monopoly Go
Christmas-themed board in Monopoly Go.

Players need to land on Chance, Community Chest, and Railroad squares to progress in this game.

Subsequently, players will get 2 points for Chance, 3 points for Community Chest, and 5 points for Railroads for landing on these spaces.

Moreover, players may compete in Christmas-themed matches, collect Christmas ornaments, and earn exciting prizes.

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Collect Christmas Tree Tokens In Monopoly Go

In this event, every Christmas Tree Token will grant you four points, you will have the opportunity to increase it further.

However, the Christmas Tree event in Monopoly GO allows players to collect tokens by landing on any of the following spaces:

1. Chance

In Monopoly Go, Chance is 1 of the 2 types of card-drawing spaces that are placed near the Go space.

Hence, players will receive +2 tokens for Chance.

2. Community Chest

In Monopoly Go, Community Chest will provide you with a decent-sized chunk of money in the game.

However, the community chest will get you the Christmas Tree +3 tokens players.

3. Railroad

By landing on a Railroad Tile, you will enter a minigame in Monopoly Go.

Moreover, you will be rewarded with +5 tokens for landing on it in this Christmas Tree Event.

In Monopoly GO, players need to earn  72,420 tokens in total to finish the Christmas Tree event. 

Key Strategies To Get Christmas Tree Tokens 

Players must wait six, seven, or eight squares away from a scoring square until they get the highest roll multiplier.

These numbers are the most probable outcomes when rolling two dice.

Moreover, you must focus on high rolls to increase your chances of securing a big reward.

On the bottom right side of the board, you’ll find Chance, Chest, and Railroad squares all at once.

Hence, it is the best area to roll for a high multiplier during the Christmas Tree Event.

Monopoly Go Railroad
By landing on Railroads in Monopoly Go, you will get Christmas tree tokens.

Another way to win big is to try and target the Railroads as not only the main event tokens but you will get the tournament tokens as well.

Otherwise, pay attention to what other events are going on, also make sure you are doing all of your Quick Wins for the day.

The Bottom Line

Tokens in the Monopoly Go Christmas Event are playing pieces that players can use to move around the Monopoly board. 

Try to roll on the bottom right side of your board where you’ll find Chance, Chest, and Railroad squares all at once.

Moreover, as you collect tokens and advance through the reward tiers, all event rewards will instantly pop up on your screen.

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