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Bypass Galvanized Bug In Spider-Man 2

Spider-Man 2 has encountered many bugs in the game, and the Galvanized Bug is a very recent one.

This bug is a classic stuck-in-the-game frame type of bug that hinders further progress.

To bypass the Galvanized Bug In Spider-Man 2, players must press L1 + O before the actual instruction prompt is displayed on the screen.

Continue reading this article to learn how to bypass this bug.

Introduction To Galvanized Bug

The Galvanized Bug is a bug in Spider-Man 2 that occurs during the Set Things Right Mission.

In this mission, Miles Morales and Martin Li go inside Peter’s mind to eliminate the infection.

After navigating through various past memories of Peter, players must locate the infection’s source.

The source is deep inside Peter’s mind, and players must navigate inside to find it.

Further, players can only save Peter if they destroy the source from the inside.

Specifically, the source looks like a giant black heart that is covered by spikes all around it.

After locating the source, Li has to put all his energy into it to explode it.

Eventually, the source is eliminated after Miles helps Li to push forth his energy.

Galvanised Bug In Spider Man 2
Galvanized Bug in Spider-Man 2

Finally, the source explodes, introducing the infamous Galvanised Bug.

As soon as the explosion pushes Miles away, the game shows a prompt for Galvanisation.

The game asks players to press L1 + O to galvanize the new sets of enemies on the screen.

However, the game is stuck on that prompt screen, disabling players to make any further progress.

It is because of the fact the buttons seize to register during this phase.

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Solution To bypass Galvanized Bug In Spider-Man 2

Players have discussed the issues of this bug even in a Spider-Man bugs Megathread.

Here, we can see many upvotes in a single comment where this bug is mentioned.

This reflects the depth of discomfort that this bug caused for the players of Spider-Man 2.

Solution To Galvanised Bug In Reddit
The solution to Galvanized Bug in Reddit

Nevertheless, players have also mentioned some ways to bypass this bug in the same thread.

One user on Reddit suggested that players need to press the prompted button before it even appears on the screen.

As aforementioned, the button combination that appears on the prompt screen is L1 + O.

Hence, players must execute this button combination after the explosion pushes them away.

This method works for every player as they have thanked the person who suggested this solution in the replies.

However, note that players must be very quick with the button press to bypass this bug.

What If You Were Not Quick Enough To Bypass The Prompt?

The prompt takes about one to two seconds to appear on the screen.

Hence, not every player can press the button quickly enough to bypass the prompt.

Furthermore, players who do this mission for the first time will not even know about the buttons in the prompt.

Alternate Solution For Galvanised Bug In Spider-Man 2
Alternate solution for Galvanized Bug in Spider-Man 2

Therefore, it is inevitable to solve this issue in your first go.

However, a simple solution can guide you out of your frustration.

Players should simply load the game to their most recent checkpoint to reach this point again.

Also, they will already know what button to press because of their previous encounter.

And although it may cost some of your time, persevere so that you can progress further in the story.

The Bottom Line

Galvanized Bug is an annoying bug in Spider-Man that many players have encountered in the game.

And the fact that players have to replay the entire mission from a previous checkpoint just adds to the frustration.

However, the developers will likely fix this bug very soon, possibly in the next patch.

But until then, follow the guides that have been provided above to bypass it.

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