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Finding Spider Meat In BG3: All Outcomes

Spider meat is the rotten body of a mysterious spider that occurs in one of the missions in BG3.

BG3 is an RPG game filled with deadly creatures and notorious enemies, so the Spider meat may not surprise many.

Players can find the Spider Meat in BG3 when exploring the Gauntlet of Shar, Players can sniff the meat, eat it, study about it, or simply leave it. Unfortunately, all the companions except Astarion and Wyll will be disgusted by the idea of licking the meat.

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What Is Spider Meat In BG3?

Spider meat is a large-shaped spider that occurs in the Gauntlet of Shar walkthrough.

To interact with the spider, players must meet Raphael’s enemy and head north until they reach the X-648 Y-724 map location.

Gauntlet of shar
Players can encounter Spider meat in the Gauntlet of Shar.

Unfortunately, the spider is dead, and players can even lick or sniff the spider’s meal.

Players can get additional abilities if they decide to lick it; however, the companions may not be a big fan of it.

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What To Do With The Spider Meat In BG3?

After reaching the spider’s corpse, they will be presented with four options;

  • Take a good long sniff
  • Give It a lick
  • Study it
  • Leave

Players should not leave, as they will miss the game’s fun part, rather they should go with the options in the following ways;

1. Study It

If players decide to study the dead spider, they shall invest in the Investigation Check to know the cause.

Players will see fresh bite marks, a faint pulse, and a big wound on the spider’s body.

Further, they should continue the study by scanning for signs of magical interference via the Intelligence check. 

bg3 spider meat
Use the intelligence check to know the cause of death.

Players will know the Spider has been dosed with a potion causing the death.

2. Sniff The Spider Meat

If players decide to get a good long sniff, they will smell something disgusting, as per the narrator.

Moreover, they will get the utter smell of decay, a hint of Sulphur, and something fragrant.

3. Eat The Meat

It is time for the characters to enjoy the rotten meat of the giant spider, so select the Give It a Lick option.

Moreover, if players have any companions, including, Shadowheart, Gale, or Lae’zel, they will disapprove of the idea.

They will be disgusted upon seeing the players eat, and some companions will even threaten to leave the party.

Thankfully, Wyll and Asatrion, the vampire companion, are not disgusted by players eating the meat.

Maybe Astarion is not mad because he has a history of eating even human meat as a vampire.

Unfortunately, the players will suffer an ache upon eating the meat and get the taste of decay and sour milk.

If players continue to eat the meat they will suffer severe burns in the stomach, and it becomes unbearable to withstand.

Guild Arristan: Mating Season
Get the Guild Arristan: Mating Season.

After getting a taste of the meat two times, players will receive Guild Arristan: Mating Season as a reward.

The Bottom Line

The Spider meat is the dead body part of the giant spider in the Gauntlet of Shar.

Players can smell the rotten meat, get a taste, or study about the cause of death of the Spider.

Unfortunately, most of the companions will be unimpressed by the decision of players to eat the meat.

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