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Discover The Sapping Curse Of Victoria In BG3

In Baldur’s Gate 3, Victoria’s body holds a strange curse known as the Sapping Curse.

This curse quietly drains health from nearby people, friends or foes.

You can carry her body and use this curse to harm enemies without them fighting back.

You can use the Sapping Curse of Victoria in BG3 by picking up her body, causing it to drain nearby people’s health silently, without causing them to attack, offering a way to harm enemies from a distance.

In this article, we will discuss Victoria and her Sapping Curse.

Who Is Victoria In BG3?

Victoria was a girl living a tragic life in the environs of Cazador’s Palace in Baldur’s Gate 3.

As the daughter of Leon, Victoria’s very existence placed her at great risk.

In an effort to protect her, Leon cast a powerful spell upon his daughter, which was meant to deter vampires from drinking her blood.

The Palace proved no place for a mortal child despite Leon’s efforts.

Cazador’s Palace is ruled over by the sadistic Cazador and inhabited by his vampire underlings.

It serves as the epicenter of vampiric influence in the city.

Moreover, it was here that Victoria met her demise at the hands of Dalyria.

Furthermore, Dalyria is a vampire doctor who once practiced medicine but has since fallen prey to her thirst for blood.

Dalyria drank deeply from Victoria, killing the girl.

victoria in bg3
Victoria met her demise at the hands of Dalyria.

Players can find Victoria’s corpse in a small room on the ground floor of Cazador’s Palace.

Directly to the left, her body lies on the floor after ascending the main stairs.

This aura from her body signifies the sapping curse that now afflicts the dead girl’s remains.

What Is The Sapping Curse Of Victoria In BG3?

The sapping curse placed upon Victoria’s corpse before her death is a continuously damaging necrotic effect.

Periodically, the curse drains 3-24 hit points of damage from any creature within its radius.

Neither allies nor enemies are safe from the curse’s influence.

Furthermore, it ignores hostility, indiscriminately sapping the health of all those near the corpse.

The damage occurs frequently but has no discernible end or cooldown period.

As long as a creature is within range, the curse will persistently drain its vitality.

Moreover, the sapping curse does not incite aggression from those it harms.

While weakening opponents over time, it does not cause them to retaliate against the carrier of the effect.

This strange passive property is what allows the curse to be exploited for more sinister purposes than simply deterring vampires.

By picking up Victoria’s body, one takes control of the curse’s radius and can direct its damage wherever possible.

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How To Use Victoria As A Sapping Curse In BG3?

By retrieving Victoria’s cursed remains from where they lie in Cazador’s Palace, players gain access to a devastating area of effect ability.

Picking up the corpse transfers the sapping curse’s radius of influence to follow the carrier.

From there, players can safely store the body in backpacks or barrels or send it to character camps for later use.

Victoria’s body can be retrieved and brought directly into combat zones or populated areas when needed.

Anyone coming within the curse’s proximity will begin to have their health slowly drained without end.

For this reason, Victoria essentially functions as a portable damage-over-time weapon.

However, this weapon requires no direct action beyond movement on the part of the user.

As long as the carrier ends its turn while holding the corpse, the curse persists in its position.

Moreover, this allows players to clear entire rooms or zones of enemies from a safe distance without engaging in direct combat.

Benefits Of The Sapping Curse

Here are some of the major benefits of the sapping curse:

  • Victoria’s remains grant players a potent ability when used as a weapon.
  • The sapping curse can eliminate enemies and drain their health safely.
  • Players using the curse face no direct threats or penalties.
  • Also, it enhances performance in crowded NPC areas in Baldur’s Gate.
  • Additionally, it inflicts gradual damage over time, reducing enemy numbers.

The Bottom Line

While an effective gameplay mechanic, using Victoria’s cursed corpse as a weapon involves disturbing implications.

Players should consider the ethics of abusing such an exploitative element in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Moreover, it is best to leave the poor girl’s remains undisturbed to rest and experience the game through intended means.

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