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Starfield: Does Adoring Fan Give Gifts?

As a role-playing game, Starfield has many interesting non-playable characters (NPC).

One such interesting character is the Adoring Fan, whom you will meet at some point.

The Adoring Fan is a character and a companion who will worship the ground you walk on.

The Adoring Fan in Starfield is an NPC, a comeback character Oblivion from Elder Scrolls IV. He is a companion and can provide you with gifts, but it can be uncertain.

Here, we will explore the details of the Adoring Fan, meeting him and gaining gifts from him.

Who Is The Adoring Fan In Starfield?

As the name suggests, the Adoring Fan in Starfield is a companion character who is one of your biggest fans.

He will know details about it to the extent that he turns out to be creepy and annoying.

However, Bethesda Game Studios has brought back the character Oblivion from the Elder Scrolls IV in the form of the Adoring Fan.

Adoring Fan Gifts In Starfield
Adoring Fan is a companion character in Starfield

He brings a sense of nostalgia and sarcasm to the game, which can help to lighten the mood.

Although he clearly expresses his obsession with you, you cannot romance him.

He is not a romantic character but can be an excellent companion.

In addition, he also provides gifts which is always a plus point.

How To Get The Adoring Fan?

In Starfield, you must find many quest items or even characters to gain valuable information.

However, the Adoring Fan is the only character who actually comes and finds you.

You should complete your first quest, and then you’ll get an option to go to the Constellation.

You can either go or roam around New Atlantis City, and the Adoring Fan will come to find you.

Adoring Fan Traits
Gaining Hero Worshipped Trait to unlock the Adoring Fan

His interaction with you will pretty much be about ho great you are.

It can sometimes be pretty annoying and creepy. He will ask you to take him on your adventures with you.

You can either just deny or accept and take him with you.

Is The Adoring Fan A Good Companion?

It is an excellent choice if you choose to take the Adoring Fan on your adventures with you.

Other than hyping you up, the Adoring Fan has skills that can be helpful.

He has a higher carrying capacity than other companions because of his weightlifting rank of 2.

Therefore, you can carry an extra weight when he is with you.

He also has a Scavenging skill so that you can gain more credits during searches in your game.

Another skill he has is Concealment, so he has a whole package and knows it.

Therefore, using the Adoring Fan as your companion and crew member is not too bad.

That is, of course, if you do not mind the annoying obsessiveness with you.

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How To Defeat The Adoring Fan?

The Adoring Fan has surprisingly high health than any other character.

You just have to keep hitting him with your weapon until he dies.

He will be pretty surprised, and it will be hard to believe for him that you are defeating him.

Kill Adoring Fan
You can also kill the Adoring Fan if you desire to

However, one important thing to remember is that you need to dismiss him as a companion.

If you do not dismiss him as your companion and crew member, you cannot defeat him. If you do not wish to defeat him, you can also get rid of him.

You can interact with him and select the “We need to talk about your fandom” sentence.

Then, you can get rid of him by choosing any Attack sentences.

Can You Get Gifts From The Adoring Fan?

Yes, you can get gifts from the Adoring Fan occasionally.

The catch is that most players have not gotten any gifts from him.

However, some players have expressed gaining a gift of 50 golds from the Adoring Fan.

It is unknown whether taking him on your adventures or setting him up on one of your ships gets you gifts.

But, it is recommended that you take him with you because of his skills.

The Bottom Line

The Adoring Fan is a comeback character from Elder Scrolls’ Oblivion.

He brings a sense of humor and sarcasm to the game but is also pretty annoying.

You can take him with you on your travels, get rid of him and even kill him.

The Adoring Fan does provide you with gifts, but it is uncertain so you will have to find out for yourself.

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