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Marry Sarah In Starfield: Why Should You Marry?

Sarah Morgan is the leader of the Constellation faction and an ex-soldier for the United Colonies.

You can marry Sarah in Starfield and explore the galaxy together as husband and wife.

To marry Sarah in Starfield, complete the personal quest In Memoriam. You will get a special perk called Star-Crossed Lovers by marrying Sarah Morgan.  It gives you a 10% bonus for all experience gained when she is with you.

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Who Is Sarah In Starfield?

Sarah Morgan is one of the companions you can recruit and romance in Starfield.

She is the head of operation for Constellation, a faction that explores the galaxy in search of alien artifacts and civilizations. 

Sarah Morgan is a skilled pilot, leader, and astrodynamics expert.

She can help you navigate the vastness of space and use her laser weapon to fight enemies. 

Additionally, she is passionate about botany and likes collecting plants from different planets.

She is loyal to Constellation and its mission and appreciates it if you are friendly, diplomatic, and supportive of her goals.

Generally, she dislikes underhanded tactics, violence, and betrayal.

marry sarah in Starfield
Sarah Morgan is an astrodynamics expert.

Perks Of Marrying Sarah In Starfield

Starfield features romance and marries some of the companions you meet. 

Players can marry Sarah in Starfield, the leader of the Constellation faction and an ex-soldier for the United Colonies.

Some of the perks of marrying Sarah Morgan in Starfield are:

1. Access Skills

She is proficient in Astrodynamics, Lasers, Leadership, and Botany.

Thus, you can access her skills as a companion and a crew member. 

These skills can help you in combat, exploration, and resource gathering.

2. Unlock New Dialogue

You can unlock new dialogue options and quests with her. 

She will share more of her backstory and motivations with you.

Moreover, you can influence her decisions and actions.

3. Special Perk

You can get a special perk called Star-Crossed Lovers.

Further, it will give you a 10% bonus for all experience gained when she is with you.

4. Boost Charisma

Sarah will give you a unique wedding ring that boosts your charisma by 2.

How To Marry Sarah?

To marry Sarah, you need to complete the personal quest In Memoriam.

In Memoriam is a side quest where you help Sarah face her past in the United Colonies Military and meet a survivor of Cassiopeia I.

After completing The Old Neighborhood, you can start this quest by talking to Sarah.

Ways To Complete The Old Neighbourhood

The Old Neighbourhood is Starfield’s second main story quest, where you follow Sarah Morgan’s lead on the artifact.

However, you must travel to different planets in the Solar system.

Further, you should find a missing Constellation recruit named Moara.

Here are some ways to complete this quest:

1. Talk to Sarah Morgan

It would be best if you talked to Sarah Morgan. You will find her at The Lodge in New Atlantis.

Further, it would be best to interrogate her contact at the United Colonies headquarters.

Complete the commitment quest.

2. Visit Cydonia

It would be best if you went to the Cydonia. It is a mining town on Mars and talk to the bartender, Jack.

Further, you can pay him, persuade him, or get Sarah to lower the price for information on Moara.

3. Visit Nova Derelict Shipyard

It would be best if you traveled to Nova Derelict Shipyard.

It orbits Luna (Earth’s moon) and fights your way through Spacer enemies.

Moreover, you need to find Moara’s Data slate and locate his ship.

4. Rescue Moara

Moira has a ship, and you need to dock with it.

Further, it would be best if you rescued him from more Spacers.

Then, pick up the artifact next to the pilot seat and talk to Moara.

Further, choose dialogue options that praise Constellation and Sarah.

Finally, return to The Lodge and talk to Sarah again; this completes the quest.

The Bottom Line

Players can earn her approval by choosing dialogue options like being friendly, diplomatic, and loyal to Constellation.

After you complete the In Memoriam quest, choose the Romance option at the end to become her lover.

Further, you should wait for her to talk to you about her parents and choose the Commitment option to propose to her.

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