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Escape Face Hugger: The Danger In Lethal Company

Lethal Company is a multiplayer horror game where you and your friends explore a haunted bunker and try to survive the night.

You will encounter various creatures and traps that will test your skills and teamwork. 

One of your most dangerous enemies is the face hugger, the snare flea.

You can encounter the face hugger inside the bunker, drops from the ceiling. Players can use a shovel or a stop sign, exit the bunker, and hit it twice to remove the face hugger.

Continue reading to learn where to encounter the face hugger and how to deal with it.

Where Do You Encounter Face Hugger?

A face hugger is a creature that appears in the game Lethal Company.

However, the face hugger is one of the many dangers you must face in Lethal Company.

Generally, it is a small, spider-like creature that can jump on the player’s face and slowly drain their health.

You can encounter the face hugger inside the bunker. It drops from the ceiling, often signaled by opening vents.

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A post on encountering the face hugger.
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How To Deal With Face Hugger?

The face hugger is a dangerous creature that can jump on your face and slowly drain your health in Lethal Company.

Here are some tips on how to deal with it:

1. Use Equipments

Players can use a shovel, a stop sign or exit the bunker to remove the face hugger.

They can find these items in the game world or crafted by the player.

However, the player has to be careful not to hit the person too hard or aim too low, as this can kill them instantly.

2. Hit It

Players can kill the face hugger, hitting it twice after it falls off the player.

This will prevent it from attacking again and give the player some loot.

However, if you fail at killing the face hugger, it’ll jump on you.

face hugger
Face hugger is one of the many dangers you must face in Lethal Company.

3. Try Avoiding Them

Players can avoid the face hugger by being alert and careful inside the bunker.

Significantly, the player can hear the sound of opening vents before the face hugger drops from the ceiling.

Further, the player can use a flashlight or a torch to see better in the dark.

4. Exit The Building

The player can exit the building through a fire exit or the front door. 

Thus, it will kill the face hugger instantly, but it can be hard to navigate to the door when the player can’t see.

5. Use The Teleporter

The player can use the teleporter to return to the ship. 

Contradictly, this will remove the face hugger, but it has to be done quickly before the player dies.

The Bottom Line

The face hugger is not the only threat in the bunker; watch out for zombies, mutants, traps, and other players.

However, the player can use weapons, tools, and stealth to survive the bunker.

The only way to survive the face hugger is to avoid its detection or use a flamethrower to burn it before it leaps at you.

The face hugger is one of the most feared enemies in the game and will keep you on the edge of your seat.

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