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Which Is The Best Planet For Outpost In Starfield?

Starfield is another action role-playing game with a vast galaxy and many planets on which players can build their own world.

Outposts are the base for players to build areas, store resources, manufacture operations, and simply explore the area.

The best planet to build an Outpost is a moon called Andraphon which has abundant resources such as Iron, Aluminum, and Helium-3. These resources can be used to build an Outpost.

This article explores the details of Outposts in Starfield and the best locations/planets to build Outposts.

What Are Outposts In Starfield?

Outposts are permanent bases that you can build on any planet available in the game.

They are useful to store resources, manufacture or produce items and even conduct research.

In addition, they can be useful as a home base for players looking to play the game with a more laid-back view.

Players can also customize what they want and do not want inside their own outpost.

Furthermore, they are a valuable asset that players can use as a cover from danger or their habitat.

Outpost can also be useful for building your economy, so it’s completely up to your imagination.

Additionally, you can use Outposts to build various other buildings for your economy or imaginative world.

With over 1,000 planets in the game, outposts really play a significant part in managing your game.

Furthermore, you can build up to 8 Outposts on each planet of the game.

How To Build An Outpost?

You may wonder how to build one after knowing the basic information about Outposts.

Well, here’s a step-by-step guide to building an Outpost in Starfield:

  1. Firstly, choose a planet to build an Outpost by using the Starmap.
Star Map
The Star Map to check out the planets
  1. After choosing the planet, travel to the planet and make sure to select it.
  2. Choose the option to Scan the planet, which shows all the resources available on the selected planet.
  3. The show resources option shows a heat map of the planet, which shows the availability of the resources.
Planet Heat Map
Heat Map to check the best place for an Outpost
  1. This can help you build the Outpost in a location with abundant resources.
  2. Then, land in the best location on the planet.
Starfield Land Planet Outpost
Landing on the selected planet
  1. After landing, use the scanner to see the option of Outpost at the bottom of the screen.
Starfield Outpost
The Outpost option on the planet can set up an Outpost
  1. Finally, choose a nice area to place the Outpost.
Starfield Place Outpost
Placing the Outpost in any area of a planet

Building an Outpost also requires you to gather some resources from the planet.

Resources Needed To Build An Outpost

There are many resources you will need to build outposts to be able to build your world.

Some resources can be easily found, while some are rare and difficult to find.

The quality rating on the resources map’s top-right corner determines the items’ rareness.

The items with no stars are common and easy to find, while items with three gold stars are rare and difficult to find.

You will need materials like Iron and Aluminum to build an Outpost initially.

You can also purchase the resources if you cannot gather them.

To purchase those resources, you can visit Gemison Mercantile in New Atlantis.

Best Planets For Outposts In Starfield

Starfield has more than 1,000 planets, so choosing the best planet to build an Outpost can be confusing.

If you are building your first outpost, the best planet to build an Outpost is a moon called Andraphon.

Andraphon is the best place for your first Outpost because it has plenty of significant resources.

Additionally, Andraphon has resources such as Iron, Aluminum and Helium-3 to help you build Outposts.

Other planets most favorable to build Outposts are:

  1. New Atlantis:

New Atlantis also has a wide variety of resources and amenities.

In addition, it is a major hub for trade and commerce which can be used to sell goods and equipment.

  1. Greenheart:

Greenheart is a green planet with favorable temperatures and a peaceful and relaxing environment.

Additionally, it has a variety of resources such as food, water and wood.

  1. Crimson Fleet Hideout:

The Crimson Fleet Hideout is located on a remote asteroid and is famous for pirates and smuggling.

If it interests you, you can use this planet and smuggle rare items.

  1. The Oasis:

The Oasis lies on a desert planet and is great for finding rare resources.

However, you have to be careful of the dangerous creatures and their possible encounters.

  1. The Ark:

The Ark is on the Nyx system and a treasure hub for technology.

Additionally, a heavy army of robots guards the planet.

The Bottom Line

Outposts are permanent bases that can be useful to store resources, manufacture resources or as a place to relax.

There are more than 1,000 planets in the game, and the best one to build an outpost is a moon called Andraphon.

You will need resources such as Iron and Aluminum to build an Outpost.

Andraphon has these resources easily available, making it the best planet for Outpost.

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