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Destiny 2 Weave Walk Disabled: Gameplay Impact

In the ever-evolving realm of Destiny 2, the Weave Walk emerged as a promising addition, offering Warlocks a protective refuge.

However, as fate would have it, this newfound ability was swiftly put on hold.

The Destiny 2 Weave Walk was disabled primarily because an unintended exploit was discovered shortly after its release. This exploit allowed players to use glaive melees to attack while in the protective state causing unfair gameplay immediately.

Let’s delve into the story behind the Destiny 2 Weave Walk and why it occurred momentarily.

What Is Destiny 2 Weave Walk?

Destiny 2’s Weave Walk was a feature introduced in season 22.

It allows Warlocks to enter a protective dimension with damage reduction but without the ability to attack.

However, it was quickly disabled after its release due to a glitch or issue that prevented players from equipping it.

Moreover, this decision addressed the problem and maintained the game’s balance and fairness.

Bungie, the game’s developer, is actively working on fixing the issue so that players can eventually enjoy the Weave Walk feature without any disruptions.

Intended Function And Limitations

The primary purpose of the Weave Walk was to give Warlocks a defensive option, allowing them to mitigate damage and potentially turn the tide of battles.

Warlocks could enter this protective dimension and become more challenging to defeat when activated.

However, there was a notable trade-off: while in the Weave Walk, Warlocks couldn’t attack enemies.

This restriction aimed to balance the ability and prevent Warlocks from becoming invulnerable while dealing damage.

weave walk in destiny 2
Weave Walk Is A Feature In Destiny 2 Introduced In 2022.
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Why Was Weave Walk Disabled In Destiny 2?

Here are some points explaining why the Weavewalk Aspect in Destiny 2 was disabled:

1. Unintended Exploit 

The Weavewalk Aspect was disabled because an unintended interaction was discovered shortly after its release.

Moreover, players found a way to exploit the ability using glaive melees, allowing for immediate attacks and catching opponents off-guard.

2. Circumvented Restrictions

Weavewalk was designed with limitations, such as preventing the user from attacking while the ability was active.

However, the exploit with glaive melees bypassed these restrictions, undermining the intended balance of the ability.

3. Impact On Gameplay

This unintended interaction significantly impacted gameplay, especially in competitive modes like Trials of Osiris.

Furthermore, it could lead to unfair advantages and quick wins, disrupting the overall experience for players.

4. Preventing Exploitation

To maintain fair gameplay and prevent widespread exploitation of this issue, Bungie chose to disable the Weavewalk Aspect.

This step ensured that players could enjoy the game without facing the unfair advantage created by the exploit.

5. Maintaining Integrity

By disabling the Weavewalk Aspect, Bungie aimed to uphold the integrity of the game and provide a balanced environment for all players.

Further, this decision reflects the studio’s commitment to addressing unintended interactions promptly to ensure a positive gaming experience.

damage resistance
Underestimating Weavewalk’s Damage Resistance would be a mistake.

Will Weavewalker Be Re-enabled?

Currently, Bungie has not provided a specific date for when the Weavewalker Aspect will be re-enabled in Destiny 2.

However, based on their official support communication, here are some points explaining the situation:

1. Acknowledgment Of Issue

Bungie has acknowledged the issue with the Weavewalker Aspect and its unintended interaction that led to its disabling.

Also, they are aware of the impact this has on players and the gameplay experience.

2. Active Work On Solution

Bungie is actively working to find a solution to the issue.

They have stated that they are pursuing a fix for a future update, indicating that they are committed to resolving the problem.

3. Complexity Of Fix

The specific nature of the issue and its interaction with the game mechanics may require careful testing and adjustments.

To ensure that the Aspect functions as intended without introducing new problems or exploits.

4. Consideration Of Game Balance

Bungie must consider how re-enabling the Weavewalker Aspect might impact the game’s overall balance in competitive modes like PvP.

Moreover, they aim to ensure that all players’ ability remains fair and balanced.

5. Communication Of Update

Bungie typically communicates updates, fixes, and changes to the player base through official channels such as their website or social media.

Players can expect to receive information about re-enabling the Weavewalker Aspect once a fix has been developed, tested, and scheduled for release.

The Bottom Line

The Weave Walk, a protective dimension for Warlocks, was introduced to offer resilience.

But was promptly disabled due to an unintended exploit with glaive melees.

While the Weave Walk remains on pause, players can look forward to its return.

Once the problem is resolved, maintain the equilibrium of Destiny 2’s dynamic universe.

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