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Explore The Reithwin Tollhouse In BG3

Reithwin Tollhouse in BG3 is an intriguing spot, teeming with secrets ready to be unveiled.

In this game,  you can frequently discover hidden treasures that can shape your journey’s course.

The Reithwin Tollhouse in BG3 is your key to immersive exploration and thrilling quests. Moreover, you can upgrade your arsenals, meet interesting characters and unravel secrets.

If you’re excited to explore this engaging game, come along as we walk you through Reithwin Tollhouse.

How To Reach Reithwin Tollhouse In BG3?

In the midst of this vast landscape lies a place of intrigue and wonder – Reithwin Tollhouse.

Reithwin Tollhouse isn’t your average resting point, rather, it’s a crossroads of adventure, a hidden gem waiting to be unearthed by brave souls.

Nestled within the game’s expansive universe, this spot isn’t just a waypoint – it’s a portal to a realm of unparalleled excitement and intrigue.

bg3 toll house
Inside the Reithwin Tollhouse in BG3.

Ready to jump into the magical world of Baldur’s Gate 3 and explore the amazing Reithwin Tollhouse?

Great! Here’s how to get there in a few easy steps:

1. Discover The Ruined Battlefield

Navigate through a place called the Ruined Battlefield.

The Ruined Battlefield is a location where navigating in light or with blessings from Selune or a functional Moon Lantern is essential.

Notable areas here include the House in Deep Shadows, hosting key NPCs like Elminster Aumar and Harper Karrow.

2. Discover The Waypoint

As you continue your path, you’ll encounter a waypoint – a signpost. This waypoint is a marker, showing you’re headed in the right direction.

The waypoints allow you to travel quickly; once you discover it, you can travel fast by clicking on the waypoints menu.

Follow it and prepare to uncover the treasures that await.

Waypoint in bg3
You are going the right way if you discover this Waypoint.

3. Spot The Reithwin Tollhouse

As you explore, you’ll finally stumble upon the Reithwin Tollhouse.

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Reithwin Tollhouse Secrets In Baldur’s Gate 3

Ahoy, curious explorer! The Reithwin Tollhouse is not just a fancy name – it’s a treasure trove of wonders waiting for you to discover.

Once you step inside, get ready for a magical experience:

1. Uncover Mysteries

The Tollhouse is like a puzzle box filled with hidden surprises.

Therefore, as you explore its nooks and crannies, you’ll unveil secrets that can change your journey’s course.

Here are some puzzles you will encounter in the Reithwin Tollhouse:

Stone Chair Puzzle

Players must solve the Stone Chair Puzzle to unlock the secret passage within the tollhouse.

Having two characters sit on separate stone chairs lowers a stone passage, revealing a secure storage section.

Trap Detection And Disarming

Exploring the Tollhouse basement requires careful attention to traps.

Characters skilled in perception and sleight of hand can detect and disarm traps, ensuring safe passage through hazardous areas.

2. Meet Enigmatic Characters

Inside the tollhouse, you’ll meet characters with the keys to intriguing stories.

Subsequently, these interactions can lead to quests, challenges, and unexpected alliances – so don’t be shy, strike up a conversation!

Here are some characters you will encounter in the Reithwin Tollhouse:

Infernal Mechanic (Dammon)

Players can interact with Dammon, the Infernal Mechanic, found within the Last Light Inn in the Underdark.

Dammon possesses the skill to transform Infernal Iron into powerful weapons and items.

This interaction is vital for obtaining upgraded gear and advancing in the game.


Karlach is a ferocious warrior who is a part of the Infernal Mechanics Quest.

The quest involves helping Karlach locate the Infernal Mechanic. This character’s storyline and partnership add depth to the adventure.

vault door
Unravel the secret vault door in the Reithwin Tollhouse.

3. Upgrade Your Arsenal

Ever wished you had better weapons to face challenges head-on?

Venturing into the tollhouse can lead to the discovery of the Infernal Mechanic.

You can transform and find these weapons inside the Reithwin Tollhouse:

Infernal Iron Transformation

The Tollhouse introduces players to the Infernal Mechanic, who can craft powerful weapons and items using Infernal Iron.

This material can be found in locations like the Goblin Camp, Deflined Temple, and the Underdark

Gloves Of Heroism

Adventurers can find the Gloves of Heroism among the treasures hidden within the secret room.

These gloves provide a defense bonus based on the wearer’s strength, making them a valuable asset in combat.

4. Embark On New Adventures

The Reithwin Tollhouse isn’t just a one-time pit stop.

Furthermore, it’s a gateway to exciting quests and journeys that will keep you glued to your screen, ready to experience the unknown.

The Bottom Line

Baldur’s Gate 3 welcomes you to Reithwin Tollhouse, a gateway to mystery and adventure.

So, uncover secrets, forge alliances, and enhance your prowess.

This is more than a mere waypoint; it’s your key to immersive exploration and thrilling quests.

Therefore, step in and let the enchantment of Reithwin Tollhouse guide your journey.

Happy Gaming!

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