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Earth Easter Eggs In Starfield: Complete Guide

Starfield is an open-world role-playing game that allows players to explore a vast open Galaxy. Players can also explore our planet Earth in Starfield.

In Starfield, Earth is abandoned in the far future, however, it is not empty. There are still many landmarks to find on Earth, and there are Easter Eggs or snow globes at each one to remember them.

Continue reading more to learn how to reach the Earth’s and explore Earth’s Easter Eggs.

Discover The Planet Earth On Starfield

There is Earth on the Starfield, however, it lost its atmosphere and now is an immense desert.

Although Earth lost its atmosphere, it didn’t happen immediately.

Players can get to the Earth in the early game. However, you need to have enough fuel for your ship.

It depends on how much fuel you need and how far you are from the Sol.

Here are some steps to get to the Earth;

  1. Open the star map and Zoom out.
  2. Select Sol, find Earth and hold the “Jump” button.
  3. Zoom in on Earth, select “Set Landing Target” anywhere on Earth’s surface.
  4. Land on Earth.

Moreover, there is no landing zone or other set place to land on the Earth unless you discover it some other way with side content.

You can also have the option to scan the Earth to see the remaining resources it contains and further survey your progress.

You can find some resources while exploring Earth, such as Chlorine, Dysprosium, Iron, Lead, and Water.

However, according to companion Sarah, few “Left of the old world” can be found while exploring the Earth.

These landmarks are the Earth’s Easter Eggs, and apart from these landmarks, there are no other noticeable Easter eggs on Earth.

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How To Find Earth’s Easter Eggs/Landmark?

Earth has several secret landmarks all across and you will find a snow globe at each landmark.

Furthermore, to find Easter Eggs, you need to see many of the books from Sinclair Books in Akila City.

However, here we have listed each Easter Eggs in the Earth;

1. Earth Easter Eggs 1: London Shard Tower

To unlock this landmark on Earth, you need to read the book Oliver Twist.

Complete the quest Tapping the Grid in New Atlantis to get the book.

After that, you will unlock the second quest, “Alternating Currents.” And the apartment you break into, you can find the book.

This will take you to the ruined Shard skyscraper. But, you cannot get inside, but you can take the snow globe.

London Shard Tower
It is a tall building located in London on Earth.

2. Earth Easter Eggs 2: Cairo Pyramid

You must read the copy of The Ancient Civilization of Egypt to find the ancient pyramid.

This book can be obtained by purchasing from Sinclair Books in Akila City.

After reading, the Easter Egg will appear in Egypt, so do not miss the snow glob there.

The pyramids are looking worse after the destruction of all life on Earth.

New York Empire State Building
The Tallest building on earth is still standing on Starfield.

3. Earth Easter Eggs 3: New York Empire State Building

You can find this landmark if you read the copy of a book called Our Lost Heritage. This can be found at the desk of the US President.

The office is going to the top floor of the MAST in New Atlantis. Now, you can land in the general location of New York City.

Grab the snow globe before you leave.

Earth Easter Eggs
Cairo Pyramid is now a ruined pyramid in Starfield.

4. Earth Easter Eggs 4: Luna Apollo Lander

Found in the slate ‘Sir Livingstone’s Second Journal ‘in the Lodge on New Atlantis

It is located in one of the rooms on the second floor.

Finding this item will mark the Apollo Lander landmark on Luna

There, you can find the remnant of the Apollo Lander.

Earth Easter Eggs
Players can find the base of the Apollo lander and the flag of the US in Starfield.

Its top took off to return the astronauts to their ship. All that is left is the lander’s base and the flag of America.

Another exciting thing is that the flag is accurately modeled, with a metal piece holding the flag up straight.

5. Earth Easter Eggs 5: Mars Opportunity Rover

The last one is the Mars Opportunity Rover.

To get this landmark, you have to progress the main storyline until you reach the NASA Museum near the end of the story.

Then, if you Interact with the Mars Rover plaque, it will unlock the landmark. On the map, the landmark will appear as Opportunity Rover.

Earth Easter Eggs
It is the small Mars rover player you can find on Mars Luna.

It is one of those little robots busy exploring Mars today. These are the Earth’s Easter Eggs found in the Starfield.

However, the Developer can add even more features or content after the game is officially released.

The Bottom Line 

Earth Easter Eggs In Starfields are some of the remaining Landmarks available even after Earth’s destruction.

Moreover, you can find all the Easter Eggs by reading the books available on New Atlantis.

However, you cannot perform any event or task on Earth.

Intriguingly, developers are placing such insane details on Galaxy.

Therefore, Keep exploring Starfield’s vast world to discover more things.

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