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Starfield Shielded Cargo Not Working Issue: How To Fix It?

Shielded cargo is a particular type of storage space in your ship. It allows you to transport contraband items without being detected by scanners.

Shielded cargo in Starfield may not work in Starfield if the Cargo hold is poor and scanners are not compatible. Therefore, players must make sure of the items they are carrying on the ship.

Read to discover why Shielded Cargo is not working in Starfield and some easy methods to fix the issue.

What Is Shielded Cargo In Starfield?

In Starfield, shielded cargo enables you to move contraband goods without being seen by scanners.

You can find contraband items by robbing, stealing, or completing specific tasks which are illegal.

When approaching a planet’s atmosphere or landing at a spaceport, you can be penalized if your ship has illegal materials in its cargo hold.

You can avoid difficulties with protected cargo because your illegal products will be hidden from the scanners.

In Starfield, there are two ways to obtain shielded cargo.

One is to purchase a protected cargo hold from Lon Anderssen, a dealer at the Red Mile, a casino on Porrima III.

Shielded Cargo Starfield
You can buy the Shield Cargo of the one you like and place it in your ship.

Additionally, you can choose the cargo-shielded option from his ship-building menu by going there.

Depending on your needs and budget, shielded cargo compartments come in various sizes and costs.

Moreover, the other option is to locate and mount a scan jammer device on your ship, which will stop the scanners while you dock at a spaceport or enter a planet’s atmosphere.

However, scan jammers are uncommon and pricey and might not function with all scanners.

In Starfield, having shielded cargo might be very beneficial.

Selling illegal goods to dubious traders or factions will boost your profit margins.

You can interact with the game’s criminal underworld and finish tasks that call for smuggling.

Additionally, you can stay clear of space pirates who can try to plunder your cargo if they discover essential objects.

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Why Is Starfield Shielded Cargo Not Working?

There are various reasons why Shielded Cargo in Starfield fails to work.

First, you may have contraband goods rather than the ship’s cargo hold in your inventory.

Scanners will always pick contraband items in your inventory regardless of your cargo’s shielding.

Before approaching a planet’s atmosphere or docking at a spaceport, you must transfer your illegal goods to your ship’s cargo hold.

Second, your cargo hold’s poor-quality shielding insufficiently protects you.

Shielded cargo holds have various sizes, prices, and degrees of protection. Your chances of avoiding the scan increase with the level.

At the Red Mile on Porrima III, vendors like Lon Anderssen sell better-shielded cargo holds.

Third, you are up against cutting-edge scanners that can access your cargo’s shielding.

Furthermore, some planets or groups may have more advanced scanners to see your protected cargo and find illicit goods.

These scanners may need to be temporarily disabled using scan jammers, but they are uncommon and expensive and might not be compatible with all scanners.

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How To Fix Starfield Shielded Cargo Not Working?

Here are some possible solutions to fix the Starfield Shielded Cargo not working issue:

  • Make sure the materials you are attempting to smuggle are contraband. The covered cargo won’t help you if you’re trying to transport anything that isn’t illegal since not all products are.
  • Verify that the products are in the cargo hold that is protected. The things won’t be protected if they are not within.
  • Make sure you have enough space for shielded cargo. How much contraband you can smuggle unnoticed depends on how much-shielded cargo capacity you have.
  • Make sure that a very powerful scanner is not scanning your items. Contraband can still be found by a powerful scanner even if your cargo is protected.
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The Bottom Line

Starfield allows players to transport contraband items without being detected by scanners using shielded cargo.

However, some players may encounter problems with their shielded cargo, such as being fined or attacked by authorities or enemies.

There are several possible reasons why your shielded cargo is not working in Starfield.

Therefore, you must ensure you are transporting your items correctly and cautiously.

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