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Learn To Increase Lockpicking In Starfield

Lockpicking in Starfield lets you access locked areas and loot valuable items in the game world.

 It can be challenging but rewarding, as you can discover secrets and treasures that are otherwise inaccessible.

Lockpicking lets you open locked containers, doors, and computers in Starfield. Therefore, to increase lockpicking, invest skill points in the Security skill and complete rank challenges for the Security skill.

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Lockpicking In Starfield

Lockpicking is a skill that allows you to open locked containers, doors, and computers in Starfield.

You will need a digipick tool to pick a lock, which you can find, buy, or craft in the game.

The lock’s difficulty depends on the number and size of the gaps in the rings you need to fill with the digipicks.

Novice is a level of difficulty.

There are four levels of lock difficulty: novice, advanced, expert, and master.

You can pick novice locks without any skill points in security.

However,  you must invest in security skills to unlock higher-level locks.

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How To Pick A Lock In Starfield

To pick a lock, select one of the four digipick patterns on the right side of the screen.

Further, rotate it around the lock until all the pins fit into the gaps.

Press F (or A on the controller) to slot the digipick into place.

You need to fill all the rings’ gaps to unlock the lock.

If you make a mistake, you can undo your last action by pressing R (or X on the controller), but this will cost you one digipick.

You can restart the puzzle by pressing T (or Y on the controller), but this will cost you one digipick.

the digipick
Pick the digipick

Increase Lockpicking In Starfield

To increase your lockpicking skill, you must invest skill points in the Security skill.

The Security skill is part of the Tech skill tree, one of Starfield’s five basic Tech skills. 

Further, it allows you to pick locks of various difficulties using digipicks.

However, it gives you more auto-attempts, presenting one of the correct lock combinations.

Further, to increase the Lockpicking in Starfield, practice lockpicking by finding and picking locks of various difficulties.

Complete rank challenges for the Security skill will give you more benefits and unlock higher ranks.

Finally, you can find easy and fast lockpicking opportunities at GalBank ATM booths.

picture of digipick
 You can pick locks using digipicks.

Invest Skill Points In The Security Skill

Access the Skills menu from your Pip-Boy or your ship’s terminal to invest skill points in the Security skill.

Further, you can view your rank and progress in the Security skill.

You can earn skill points by leveling your character, completing quests, or finding skill books.

However, you can spend skill points on any skill you want.

You need to spend at least four skill points on the basic Tech skills before you can unlock the advanced Tech skills.

Generally, you must complete a rank challenge to unlock a higher rank in the Security skill.

It is a specific task related to lockpicking. For example, you must pick ten locks of any difficulty to unlock rank two of the Security skill.

fit the ring to increase starfield lockpicking
You need to fit the ring.

To unlock rank three, pick 20 locks of advanced difficulty or higher.

Similarly, you must pick 30 locks of expert difficulty or higher to unlock rank four.

The Bottom Line

Investing skill points in the Security skill allows you to access more locked areas and loot more valuable items in Starfield.

Tech skill trees allow you to pick locks of higher difficulties and give you more auto-attempts.

You can also improve your hacking skills related to Security skills. 

However, hacking allows you to bypass security systems and access computer terminals that control various devices.

I hope following these steps can improve your lockpicking skills and help you enjoy the game more. 

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