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Electron Beam Vs. Laser In Starfield: Choose The Better Weapon

In Starfield, players can choose between Electron Beam vs Laser depending on the reactor they have currently in their ships.

Furthermore, players may even look into the effectiveness of Electron Beams and lasers in Starfield.

Electron Beams and Lasers are pretty different from one another. Furthermore, depending on the requirements and power consumption, players can choose the best possible module for their ships in Starfield.

Continue reading to discover the differences between an Electron Beam Vs. Laser in Starfield.

What Is Electron Beam In Starfield?

An Electron Beam is one of the ship’s weapon modules that deals energy-type damage in Starfield.

Players may know the Electron Beam as the Particle Beam weapon.

Furthermore, the Electron Beam weapon is ineffective against the hull, only against the shield.

However, the Electron Beam weapon is not power-hungry but has a low power consumption.

The players may need to invest in a suitable reactor.

Early access players advise new players to equip a B-class reactor to power the Electron Beam.

The Electron Beam weapon does not target enemies automatically but instead has a turret that locks on to and shoots targets.

Players can choose from a list of Electron Beams, and here are some of them;

  • PBO-40 Auto Electron Beam
  • PBO-30 Auto Electron Beam
  • PBO- 30 Electron Beam
  • Disruptor 3300A Auto Electron Beam
  • Disruptor 3300 Electron Beam

Moreover, the Electron Beams have a different model.

Players can also explore the modules from the ship technician on any major planet or city in Starfield.

However, not all of them will have the same selection of parts. 

Moreover, each Electron Beam provides players with different features, such as damage, range, accuracy, and power consumption.

Thus, you should choose one after understanding your requirements first.

choose between electron beam vs laser starfield
Players can choose from a selection of Electron Beams from the ship technician.

What Is Laser In Starfield?

Laser is one of the weapons modules players can install onto their ships in Starfield that deals pulse-type damage.

Furthermore, Lasers can deal exceptional damage to shields. However, it is not great at dealing with the hull of other ships.

Thus, if players plan on using Lasers, they must take other measures to deal with the hull of other ships.

They can also choose from many Lasers to install on their ship.

However, players advise others to have a B-Class reactor to increase the power output of the Lasers.

Here is a list of Lasers that players can choose from:

  • Blaze 2GW SX Laser
  • Blaze-P 2GW SX Pulse Laser
  • Blaze-P 2GW SX Pulse Laser Turret
  • Dragon 231 IR Laser
  • Dragon 221P MW Pulse Laser
  • Dragon 221 MW Laser

Players can find various lasers by exploring the galaxy, looting enemies, completing quests, or buying from vendors.

They cannot find lasers by interacting with the ship technician, who is only responsible for repairing and upgrading the player’s ship.

choose between laser vs electron beam starfield
Players can choose from a selection of lasers from the ship technician in Starfield.

Furthermore, players do not need to explore every laser; they can compare their stats and effects in the inventory menu.

Thus, they can choose the laser that suits their playstyle and combat situation.

Electron Beam Vs. Laser: Major Differences

Electron Beam is more power-hungry, while players can deploy Lasers with less power.

However, the Electron Beam cannot deal with both the shield and the hull of enemy ships.

It is just as ineffective as Lasers against hulls. Thus, it does not have a slight advantage over Lasers.

But, if you are starting and want to upgrade your ship to deal damage, you can choose the Laser.

It can be a great choice because it uses less power than an Electron Beam.

Meanwhile, if you can get a powerful reactor, choose the Electron Beam.

This weapon has a more extended range and higher accuracy but lower fire rate and damage.

Otherwise, choose the Laser if you prefer a shorter range, lower accuracy, and higher fire rate and damage.

Thus, players must choose between Electron Beam vs Laser in Starfield depending on how much power their ship can produce.

Their preferred playstyle and combat situation are also important factors to consider.

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The Bottom Line

Electron Beam in Starfield is power-hungry, while Lasers can function with less power going to them.

However, between Electron Beam and Laser in Starfield, based on pure damage output and power consumption, it is better to go for the Electron Beam.

Happy Gaming!

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