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What Are The Best Reactor In Starfield?

Starfield is an open-world game that allows you to explore the stars in your spaceship.

It allows you to travel to thousands of planets across the various star systems.

Additionally, Reactor is the module that keeps your spaceship running smoothly into the vastness of space.

The best Reactor in Starfield can be an SF40 Sheared Flow, Theta Pinch A9, Fusor DC402, or Z-Machine 1000 Reactor. Moreover, picking the one that gives your ship as much power and durability as possible is best.

Continue reading to discover more about the Reactor in Starfield and the best ones to build a ship.

What Is Reactor In Starfield?

The Reactor is an essential component of the ship. It is the primary source of power that keeps your spaceship working perfectly in the open space.

Furthermore, it is divided into three categories; A(lowest), B and C-class(highest) Reactors.

Ship Reactor
Players can see the listing of the Reactors from the ship customization menu.

However, they don’t provide linear improvement in your power supply.

This means a B-class will provide less power than an A-class despite being huge and more expensive.

Moreover, this module is more than just a power source. It provides the Repair Rate, which controls the healing rate of another module on the ship.

It also provides the most amount of hull compared to any other parts. Therefore, a strong reactor for your ship is highly tanky.

Furthermore, it determines the number of levels the player can allocate to different ship parts during the space fight.

Additionally, the Reactor determines the maximum class of modules players can equip on the ship.

This means the player must own a Class B Reactor to attach a Class B module like a weapon or gravitational drive.

Furthermore, you must attach a higher-class Reactor to build ship with class B or C.

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Which Are The Best Reactors In Starfield?

Starfield has over 60 Reactors, so selecting the best Reactors can be confusing.

Here are a few of the Best Reactors to build your ship;

1. SF40 Sheared Flow 

SF40 Sheared Flow Reactor is one of the best Reactors to build the ship.

It is the C-class manufactured by Dogstar.

It is the best Reactor because it has a Power Generation 40 with a Health of 116.

Additionally, you can obtain it from the Akila City Ship Technician located at the very bottom of the Reactors List.

However, players must rank four at Piloting and two on Starship Design.

2. Fusor DC402 

Fusor DC402  is also the best Reactor to build the ship which is placed in C-class.

With a Power Generation of 34, a Hull of 1020 and a health of 102.

However, players must rank four at Piloting and two on Starship Design.

3. Theta Pinch C9 Reactor

Theta Pinch C9 can be found in Deimos Staryard. It is the the Class C.

It has a power generation of 30, a health of 109, and a 5.44 Repair rate.

Players must be  Piloting rank four and Starship Design rank 2 to obtain this ship module.

4. Z-Machine 1000 Reactor

Z-Machine 1000 is a class B with 14 Power generation and a 2.45 Repair rate.

One of the best Reactors for early games. Players need to be Ranked 3 in Piloting to obtain this module.

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How To Choose Best Ship Parts In Starfield?

The best parts for your ship greatly depend on what you want to do with the ship.

If you want to take down other ships, you should focus on upgrading weapons.

Furthermore, shields can be a great option to avoid taking damage.

The most important thing is to select a good Reactor. It determines the power of the ship and all of its other parts.

This can be based on its Power generation, Repair rate, or the Hull, which determines the ship’s durability.

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The Bottom Line

The Reactor is the one responsible for operating the ship smoothly in the large galaxy.

Moreover, the best Reactor helps the player to increase its success rate in the fight.

The choice of the best Reactor can differ according to the player’s playstyle.

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