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Autocannon Vs. Cannon In Starfield: Choose The Better Weapon

Starfield is a sci-fi RPG being developed by Bethesda Game Studios.

In Starfield, the player takes on the role of a colonist in the late 22nd century, exploring space.

Starfield features various ship-based weapons, and cannons and autocannons are among those.

In Starfield, cannon vs autocannon is a debate. Cannon is used for long-range precision, while autocannon is better suited for rapid fire in close dogfights and swarm defense.

In this article, we will discuss the cannon vs autocannon in Starfield and which one is better.

Ship Weapons In Starfield

Starfield features a variety of ship-based weapons, you can equip them for combat, trading and exploration.

Some main weapon types include cannons, autocannons, missiles and mines.

Cannons and autocannons in Starfield fall under the category of ballistic weapons.

Generally, these weapons fire projectiles over long or short ranges from ship hardpoints.

cannon vs autocannon weapon
The main weapon types include cannons, autocannons, missiles and mines.

What Are Cannons In Starfield?

In Starfield, cannons are described as ballistic weapons that fire high-caliber solid projectiles.

They are single-shot weapons with long barrels impart velocity and range to rounds.

However, you should reload Starfield manually after each shot via a charging animation.

This gives them a slow rate of fire but high damage potential.

You can equip Cannons on hardpoints across the hull and ships’ turrets, from fighters to capital vessels.

Contrarily, their upgrades in Starfield focus on increasing range and damage and reducing reload times.

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What Are The Uses Of Cannons In Starfield?

Due to their long range and precision in Starfield, cannons are well-suited for:

  1. Disabling enemy subsystems from a distance with well-aimed shots.
  2. Sniping targets like crew or turrets that require a single high damage hit.
  3. Ambushing opponents from outside their weapon engagement windows.
  4. Pursuing fleeing ships while staying at standoff distances.
  5. Supporting allies in capital ship battles with long-range fire.

However, cannons in Starfield are less effective in dense dogfights against nimble targets due to their slow reload and single-shot nature.

They are best used with other weapons for sustained combat situations.

What Are Autocannons In Starfield?

Autocannons in Starfield are an automated version of ballistic cannons.

Instead of single shots, autocannons fire shorter-ranged projectiles at high cyclic rates through multiple rotating barrels.

This gives them a much faster-sustained rate of fire than single-shot cannons in Starfield.

Autocannons are still ballistic weapons but offer a volume of fire over alpha strikes.

You can equip them on ships from fighters to capital vessels in Starfield.

Additionally, they are upgraded to focus on factors like fire rate, magazine size and heat dispersion.

What Are The Uses Of Autocannons In Starfield?

Due to their rapid, sustained fire in Starfield, autocannons are well-suited for:

  1. Close-range dogfighting through continuous tracking of nimble targets.
  2. Swarm defense against multiple opponents through the suppressive volume of fire.
  3. Screening fire to cover allies or deter medium-range enemy attacks.
  4. Pursuing fleeing ships at close distances while maintaining fire.
  5. Weakening subsystems through repeated impacts from hails of projectiles.
cannon starfield ship
You can find Cannon and autocannon with ship technicians in Starfield.

However, individual autocannon shells do less damage at range than cannons in Starfield.

Contrarily, they are less optimal for precision or ambush tactics.

How To Enable And Use Cannons And Autocannons In Starfield

To enable and use cannons/autocannons in Starfield:

  1. Equip desired weapons on ship hardpoints in the upgrade menu.
  2. Activate your weapons group that includes cannons/autocannons in combat.
  3. Acquire targets using Starfield’s targeting computer and sensors.
  4. Wait for the charge meter for cannons, then fire a single shot and repeat charging.
  5. For autocannons, fire continuously and guide shots using ship controls.
  6. Monitor heat levels and cool cannons between shots as needed.
  7. Stop firing autocannons briefly if overheating to allow cooling.
  8. Consider firing cannons/autocannons in short, controlled bursts.
  9. Use cannons for precision and autocannons in sustained fire situations.
  10. Support weapons with other systems like missiles for best results.

Cannon VS Autocannon In Starfield – Which is Better?

In Starfield gameplay, cannons and autocannons each have advantages:

  1. Cannons excel at long-range precision and alpha strikes but are less versatile in dense combat.
  2. Autocannons offer rapid, sustained fire well-suited to close dogfights against multiple targets.
  3. Capital ships benefit most from cannons that can disable systems from outside engagement windows.
  4. Fighters perform better with autocannons for swarm defense and tracking nimble targets.

Overall, cannons reward player skill at range, while autocannons provide versatility in various situations.

Mixed loadouts combining both are often most effective based on the intended role.

Player ability and tactics can also overcome pure weapon attributes.

The Bottom Line

Cannons offer long-range precision well-suited to ambushes and sniping but struggle in dense combat.

Autocannons compensate with rapid, sustained fire ideal for close defense.

Capital ships leverage cannons while fighters perform with autocannons.

Overall, ship capability, role and player ability can overcome pure weapon attributes.

Effective Starfield pilots master both and understand their proper usage based on combat situations.

Balancing cannons and autocannons provides the most versatile and powerful ship loadouts.

Happy Gaming!

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