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Starfield Entangled Mission: Ways To Get To The Lab

The Starfield Entangled is a quest about rescuing Rafael.

Rafael is a scientist trapped in a parallel universe by a malfunctioning artifact.

You must follow a series of events to get to the Lab in Starfield Entangled mission. There, you will meet Dr. Patel and Dr. Rafael and have to make a solid choice.
This article discusses the Entangled mission in Starfield, including how to get to the Lab in Entangled mission.

Introduction To Entangled Mission In Starfield

The Entangled Mission of Starfield is a quest that involves traveling to another dimension.

This mission is about stopping a rogue probe that threatens to destroy both realities.

Players have two options in the Starfield Entangled mission.

One is to save Rafael, the scientist, and another is to save everyone else by selecting which world they end the mission in.

Investigating a distress signal in the Freya System close to the planet Freya III is the first task in the Final Glimpses quest.

Here are the series of events that players encounter in the Entangled Mission In Starfield

  1. Get The Distress Signal: Rafael sends the player a distress signal. The source of the signal is a research facility in another universe.
  2. Travel To The Parallel World: The player utilizes the artifact to leave the natural world and enter the parallel. Also, the artifact is unstable and may malfunction if not appropriately used, so the player must exercise caution.
  3. Save Rafael: The player explores the parallel reality and locates Rafael to save him. An extraterrestrial gang that is hostile to humans is holding Rafael captive. So, the player must defeat the aliens and rescue Rafael.
  4. Get Back To The Normal Universe: Using the relic, the player can return to the regular universe and complete the quest.

How To Get To The Lab In Starfield Entangled?

To get to the lab in the Entangled Mission of Starfield, you need to follow these steps:

Your journey begins once you encounter Director Patel at the Starfield Research Center.

He informs you that they may be connected to the ancient relic they discovered by a space anomaly that has been discovered.

Follow Maria to the Fabrication Lab after speaking with Director Patel.

She’ll let you know that you’ll need to help her with the probe control unit.

When you speak to Maria again, she will urge you to turn on the console’s probe control unit.

You will play a mini-game in which you must line up the probe with the object.

When you finish the mini-game, Maria will let you know the probe is ready.

Then, she tells you to head to the lab to turn it off. You will receive a keycard from her to enter the lab.

Return to the hallway and use the keycard on the left-hand door.

A distortion in the chamber you enter will carry you to another dimension where the lab has been destroyed.

Rescue Rafael From The Lab

Go to the lab after fighting your way past the invaders.

Rafael will be there, and he will let you know that to stop the probe, you will need to remove the power interlocks.

Rafael is an engineer working at the Lab.

You can find four power interlocks on the walls in the lab’s back.

It would be best if you communicated with them to deactivate them. Some of them have alien guards, so use caution.

When you return to Rafael after turning off all four power interlocks, he will inform you that you have stopped the probe and preserved both dimensions.

Additionally, he will offer you the option to remain in this dimension or return to your own.

The Bottom Line

In the Starfield Entangled mission, you must talk to Dr. Patel and follow Maria to get to the Lab.

There, you have to fight through aliens and anomalies and make some choices that will affect the mission’s outcome.

Moreover, you can choose to stay in one world or try to save both, and you can trust Patel or Rafael, who is trapped in the Lab.

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