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A Guide To R2modman Error 504 In Lethal Company

Lethal Company supports a variety of third-party mod apps like R2modman but sometimes faces error 504.

Because of this, players are very confused about this error as it prevents them from loading their desired mod.

In Lethal Company, players encounter error 504 while using R2modman because the server is overloaded since the game is very popular. This causes a slow connection between Lethal Company and R2modman servers, preventing the mod from loading.

Continue reading this article to learn about R2modman error 504 in Lethal Company.

What Is R2modman?

Lethal Company is famous in the community for welcoming various fan-made mod managers into the game.

Similarly, one such mod manager is called the R2modman which provides mod facilities for various games.

R2modman in Lethal Company
Players can access R2modman in Lethal Company from Thunderstone.

Players can easily get this mod manager from the Thunderstore website or app for free.

Upon installation, players must select the game that supports the mod services from the R2modman app.

Then, players can select a specific mod to play from the list of various mods within the app.

In general, R2modman is like a mod hub where players can play the latest versions of various game mods.

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R2modman Request Failed With Status Code 504

Error 504 occurs when there is a connection response error between the providing and receiving servers.

Hence, R2modman shows a “request failed with status code 504” error message when it takes too long to load.

r2modman request failed with status code 504
R2modman request failed with status code 504 during the launch.

Specifically, Lethal Company encounters this error if it faces either a configuration error or a server overload.

Many players reported this issue in community forums as they could not play their favorite mods.

However, they must note that these errors are common with popular mods as they attract the most traffic.

Players have complained about this issue in the R2modman discord server in the past.

However, users found that this issue occurred when Thunderstore servers were offline for maintenance.

How To Fix Error 504 In R2modman?

Players have limited options to fix this error on R2modman as it is a server-side error.

Here is a list of things that players can do to tackle this issue:

  • Check whether the Thunderstone server is down by using server down tracker websites.
  • The mod ceases to load from R2modman if it is undergoing some maintenance.
  • Sometimes players can restart their router as a slow internet connection can cause the error.
  • Players must persist in entering the specific mod when its server is overloaded.
  • Players can directly contact R2modman and Thunderstone Discord channels to raise this issue.

The Bottom Line

Error 504 is one of the common errors in R2modman as multiple players complain about it.

However, players can do nothing about this issue as it occurs because of connection failures between servers.

Therefore, players must become active in the r2modman community to tackle this issue together with others.

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