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How To Board Starborn Ships In Starfield?

The Starborn is a mysterious group players will encounter around the midpoint of the main story in Starfield.

Some Starborns land their ships on planets to search for the player on foot.

Starborn ships stand out from standard vessels in several ways.

You can board Starborn ships in Starfield by completing the main quest and initiating New Game Plus, granting control of a unique Starborn Guardian starship with advanced capabilities for exploration and combat.

In this article, we will learn about the Starborn ships in Starfield and how to board them.

What Are Starborn Ships In Starfield?

The Starborn is a mysterious and advanced group encountered around the midpoint of the main story in Starfield.

Little is known about their origins or true nature, but they possess immense power and technology that dwarfs normal humans.

Two Starborn in particular, known as the Hunter and Emissary, pilot a unique and formidable starship when encountered in combat.

As players progress further in the story, additional Starborn will begin tracking them down across settled space.

starborn ships
Additional Starborn will begin tracking them down across settled space.

Some Starborns may even land their ships on planets to search for the player on foot.

Naturally, players may become curious about these advanced vessels and wonder if they can hijack one for themselves.

However, Starborn ships cannot normally be stolen during combat.

After completing the main quest line, one can obtain one through New Game Plus.

Where To Find Starborn Ships In Starfield?

Once you finish the “A High Price to Pay” mission, Starborn enemies will sporadically attack the player at various planets and stations.

Watch for Starborn ships in the Freestar Collective and United Colonies regions.

These regions seem to be popular landing zones.

Good planets to check include OBORUN 11, Tau Ceti VIII-a, and Rasalhague II.

This last moon in particular holds promise for finding Starborn ships.

In addition to the marked Dogstar Factory, a thorough exploration of Rasalhague II’s surface reveals unmarked military bases and remote habitats housing valuable loot.

Here, players have reported encountering multiple landed Starborn vessels, giving them high chances of observation.

Thoroughly scouring likely planets is key to increasing opportunities.

Features Of Starborn Ships

Starborn ships stand out from standard vessels in several notable ways:

  • Powerful Photon Laser and Torpedo Launcher: These weapons cut through shields and deal heavy damage at long range.
  • Extreme Warp Capability: The grav drive allows jumps of 30+ light years, vastly better than most ships.
  • Durable Black Hulls: Shields are over 600 and hull integrity exceeds 650, giving impressive survivability.
  • Unique Asymmetrical Design: Sleek swept wings and red interior lighting give a distinctly alien and futuristic style.
  • Immutable Stats: Unfortunately, Starborn ships cannot be modified or improved in ship mechanics like normal vessels. Their base performance remains fixed.
  • Improved Performance Over Time: Subsequent “Starborn Guardian II” and beyond variants encountered in later playthroughs have steadily upgraded stats from their predecessors.

The fixed and non-upgradeable nature means a fully modded standard ship can outperform a base Starborn vessel in the long run.

Their uniqueness makes them highly desirable regardless.

Can You Board Starborn Ships In Starfield?

Directly stealing or boarding an active Starborn ship during normal gameplay is unfortunately impossible.

If they try to do so, players will receive an “access denied” message when attempting to enter.

Even using console commands to unlock the door forcibly does not truly allow piloting the ship.

The only reliable way to fly a Starborn vessel is to beat the main story and initiate New Game Plus.

Upon starting NG+, the player will spawn as a Starborn with a Starborn Guardian class starship under their control.

This ship has the same general capabilities and appearance as those used by enemies but with improved base stats compared to lower-level variants.

Piloting the Starborn Guardian offers a unique experience of feeling like one of the enigmatic Starborn.

board starborn ships
Upon starting NG+, the player will spawn as a Starborn with a Starborn Guardian class starship under their control.

Its advanced warp drive lets you zip between systems in an instant.

While outclassed by a fully modded standard ship, it remains a highly sought-after vessel for its rarity and alien aesthetic alone.

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How To Board The Starborn Ships?

If incredibly lucky, it’s possible in rare cases during a normal playthrough to board an enemy Starborn ship within 30 seconds of its landing.

It is also possible to board it as the crew is disembarking. However, this window is small and inconsistent.

The more reliable method is:

  1. Locate a landed Starborn vessel, preferably on Rasalhague II or other recommended planets.
  2. Approach, examine and locate the wing nearest the ground, acting as a ramp.
  3. Carefully climb up the wing to reach the top, revealing the entrance: a black doorway.
  4. Interacting here will state you cannot access enemy ships during normal gameplay.
  5. The only guaranteed way is to beat the main quest line and initiate New Game Plus.

You will then spawn with a Starborn Guardian under your control.

From here, players can fully experience flying one of these iconic ships.

Take it on combat missions against pirates or explore the galaxy at lightning-fast warp speeds.

While a modded standard ship outperforms it, the Starborn Guardian remains a highly prized vessel for any captain.

Starborn Ship Combat And Exploration

With a Starborn Guardian under their command after completing New Game Plus, players can put the ship through its paces.

Its photon laser and torpedoes make short work of enemy vessels.

The laser cuts through shields like butter before melting the hull, while a well-placed torpedo devastates with a single hit.

The grav drive allows zipping between systems in an instant.

Jumping 30+ light years at a time lets you rapidly explore the entire settled galaxy in a way no other ship can match.

Finding resource-rich planets or lucrative trade routes becomes effortless.

Combat against pirates, mercenaries, or rival factions takes on a new dimension.

Quickly warping behind targets to unleash a surprise volley before they know what hit them is incredibly satisfying.

Chasing down fleeing ships to deliver the final blow with torpedoes feels very “Starborn.”

While the Starborn Guardian cannot be modified, its immense standard capabilities still hold up well even into the late game.

With some skill, a Starborn captain can easily compete against endgame threats, piloting their unique vessel.

Its rarity and alien aesthetics make the ship an instant status symbol in any spaceport as well.

The Bottom Line

The Starborn and their advanced technology remain shrouded in mystery for most of Starfield’s story.

Players can get one of their Guardianships after finishing the game and starting over.

These ships can travel fast but are weaker than normal ones.

They are rare and beautiful rewards for completing Starfield’s story.

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