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Starfield Mannequin: Encounter A Floor Puzzle 

In Starfield, you can use various objects and items to personalize your outposts.

One of the objects that you can use is the mannequin, a human-shaped display that you can use to showcase your armor and spacesuits.

To get the mannequin in Starfield, players must complete the Mantis quest, where they must find the secret lair of a space vigilante. Further, they will encounter a floor puzzle. 

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What Is Mannequin In Starfield?

A mannequin is a type of outpost object in Starfield.

It allows you to display your armor and customize its appearance.

You can build up to six mannequins at any outpost you own.

It does not need any resources to build a mannequin, but you must find a suitable place to install it.

Further, players can rotate the mannequin to adjust its position.

In contrast, the mannequin is related to a quest called Mantis.

How To Get The Mannequin In Starfield?

To get the mannequin in Starfield, you must complete a Mantis quest.

In this quest, you have to find the secret lair of a space vigilante who goes by the name of Mantis.

In her lair, you will encounter a floor puzzle that requires you to enter a code using lettered panels.

If you solve the puzzle, you can access Mantis’ gear, including her ship, the Razorleaf, and her spacesuit, the Mark 1.

What Is Mark 1?

The Mark 1 spacesuit is a rare, powerful armor with high resistance and mobility.

It also has a unique design that resembles a mantis insect.

Alternatively, you can get the Mark 1 spacesuit early by lockpicking a master-locked mannequin display. 

You will find it in the basement of the Lodge in New Atlantis.

Further, you must have completed the main quest, One Small Step.

You will get the Lodge Key needed to unlock the basement door.

Moreover, you will need plenty of Digipicks and the Security skill at Rank 3 to pick the lock.

The mannequin display contains the Mark 1 spacesuit and its matching Mark 1 Space Helmet and Mark 1 Pack.

mannequin starfield
The mannequin in Starfield is an outpost object.

How To Customize The Starfield Mannequin?

You can unlock more options and features for your mannequin.

You must complete quests, explore locations, and find secrets in the game world. 

To customize the Starfield mannequin, you need to follow these steps:

1. Build A Mannequin

It would be best if you built a mannequin at your outpost.

Therefore, you must select the mannequin from the outpost building view and find a suitable place to install it.

2. Equip The Armor

It would be best to equip the armor you want to display on the mannequin.

You need to open your inventory and select the armor category.

Additionally, you can change the appearance of your armor by using the customization menu.

Contrarily, this allows you to modify your armor’s color, pattern, and decals.

3. Interact With Mannequin

Further, interact with the dummy and select the option to transfer your armor.

This will remove your armor from your inventory and place it on the mannequin.

However, you can swap your armor with the one on the mannequin if you want to change your outfit.

4. Adjust The Mannequin

You can adjust the position and pose of the mannequin by using the mannequin menu.

This appears when you interact with the dummy again.

You can rotate, tilt, and move the mannequin to make it look more natural or dynamic.

Moreover, you can choose from various poses that suit your armor style and personality.

type of mannequin
You can adjust the Mannequin as per your need.

The Bottom Line

The mannequin in Starfield has no resource cost or power requirement to build or operate.

Additionally, mannequin comes with several cosmetic options that you can choose from.

Contrarily, you can use the dummy to display your armor and spacesuits.

In addition, a mannequin can be helpful for storage or aesthetic purposes.

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