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Tracking Down Starfield Planet With Titanium And Tungsten

Starfield planets are rocky, gaseous, or icy celestial bodies that orbit stars.

Various minerals such as iron, titanium, aluminum, tungsten, xenon, and platinum can be found on these planets.

One of the few Starfield planets with Titanium and Tungsten is Vega II-B; to get it, you need to survey and locate these resources’ deposits.

Continue reading to learn more about starfield planets with Titanium and Tungsten and how to get them.

What Are Starfield Planets?

Starfield planets are celestial bodies that orbit stars in the Starfield.

Some Starfield planets are habitable, others are not due to their extreme environments or lack of resources.

However, they can range in size from small asteroids to massive gas giants.

Habitable Starfield planets can be home to various forms, including plants, animals, and even intelligent civilizations.

Likewise, players can explore these planets to discover new resources, meet new people, and learn more about the universe.

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Starfield Planet With Titanium And Tungsten

There are few planets where Titanium and Tungsten can be found; one of the best is Vega II-B.

However, there are other planets where you can find Titanium and Tungsten and are:

  • Copernicus II in the Copernicus system
  • Guniibuu VI-d in the Guniibuu system
  • Guniibuu VI-e in the Guniibuu system
  • Pluto in the Sol system
  • Procyon II in the Procyon A system
  • Titan in the Sol system

These planets have extreme environments, such as hot planets and cold moons, making it more difficult to explore and mine.

Details about Vega II-B:

  • Name: Vega II-B
  • Location: Vega System
  • Environment: Temperate
  • Resources: Titanium, Tungsten, Iron, Aluminium, and other common resources
vega II-B planet in vega system
Vega II-B planet in Vega system.

How To Get Titanium And Tungsten From Starfield Planet?

By following these steps, you can extract Titanium and Tungsten from Starfield planet:

1. Survey And Locate Deposits

Travel to the location and begin by conducting a thorough survey.

Look for geographical formations, mineral-rich areas or rocky outcrops that might contain Titanium and Tungsten deposits.

However, you can use your scanning skills to see resource deposits from orbit.

Since they are rare resources, you may need to scan multiple areas of the planet.

Moreover, you can upgrade your scanning skills to detect rare resources from further away, which will help you save lots of time.

2. Set Up Mining Operations

Establish a mining base, which will involve deploying specialized equipment such as drills, excavators, and ore processing facilities.

Ensure your mining operations are equipped to handle the planet’s harsh conditions.

3. Drilling And Extraction

Once your mining base is operational, drill into the identified deposits.

Extracting Titanium and Tungsten will involve breaking rocks and ore.

Follow sustainable mining practices and be cautious to minimize environmental impact.

4. Ore Processing

After extraction, transport the raw ore and use advanced machinery to refine the ore and separate the minerals from impurities.

This step will require chemical processes specific to Titanium and Tungsten extraction.

If you want to farm Titanium and Tungsten, you can build an outpost on the planet.

5. Transport And Storage

Once you’ve obtained purified Titanium and Tungsten, you can transport them.

You can even store them in your inventory or ship.

You can transport Titanium in Starfield.

The Bottom Line

Starfield planets are like our planet Earth but located in a different galaxy.

You can also build an outpost to farm Titanium and Tungsten.

Remember that extracting resources from any planetary body requires careful planning and advanced technologies.

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