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Way Out West In Ready Or Not: Six Shots To Glory

Way Out West is one of the achievements among 15 of them in Ready or Not.

However, Ready or Not features both visible and hidden achievements.

This also adds an element of surprise for players who enjoy discovering new challenges.

In Ready or Not, Way Out West is an achievement earned by completing the Coyote level using only the .357 Magnum, without picking up other guns. The SWAT team should use their main weapons, and avoid certain equipment like shields and grenades.

Continue reading to learn more about the Way Out West and how to get it in Ready or Not.

Way Out West In Ready Or Not

Way Out West is an achievement that you get when you finish a level called Coyote using only a specific gun.

Players share differing experiences on whether to solo the map with only the .357 Magnum.

Even allowing the AI SWAT team to use their rifles affects the achievement.

Some theories suggest that the SWAT team’s involvement, even with their regular weapons, might influence the achievement.

steam community
A player in the Steam community shares their achievement.

There’s a debate on whether the AI SWAT team can use their primary weapons without voiding the achievement.

While some succeeded, others recommend strictly commanding the team to ensure success.

There is a difference of opinion regarding the use of shields in conjunction with night vision goggles.

Some argue for their inclusion, while others suggest avoiding certain tactics like flash and clear.

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How To Get The Way Out West In Ready Or Not?

To get the way out west in Ready or Not, you need to play in either Commander or Practice Mode.

These are different ways to play the game, and you can’t get the achievement in other modes.

You have to use only the .357 Magnum throughout the whole level.

Additionally, you can’t pick up any other guns, and don’t let your SWAT team use anything other than their main weapons.

Some players say it’s okay to let your SWAT team use their regular guns.

Others say you should only let them help if they don’t use grenades or certain equipment.

Reddit community
A player in the Reddit community questions how to complete the achievement.

Moreover, you should avoid using shields, night vision goggles, and grenades.

Also, make sure not to use zip ties on people or bag weapons.

Further, it doesn’t matter if you’re playing on an easy or hard level to complete the achievement.

Therefore, the achievement can be unlocked on any difficulty level, regardless of the chosen difficulty setting.

The Bottom Line

Way Out West is an achievement earned by completing the Coyote level using only the .357 Magnum.

Occasionally, updates may be released for the game that alters the way achievements are earned or tracked.

So, it is always a good practice to check for any updates or changes in the game.

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