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Starfield Animal Husbandry: Why Is It Not Showing Up?

Animal Husbandry is simply taking care of space animals without leaving your outpost.

It is a very useful system for players who need a steady supply of organic resources.

Animal Husbandry may not show in Starfield because you must meet certain conditions, like habitable planets, scanning specific fauna to 100%, having Zoology skills, acquiring the required resources, connecting to the power, and biome restrictions.

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What Is Animal Husbandry In Starfield?

Animal husbandry is a system that allows players to raise animals for their byproducts.

It’s like running a farm in a space where you can interact with different animals and gather important resources.

This facility helps you collect things like Toxins, Structural, Sealants, and more from these animals.

Here are some steps to build an Animal Husbandry Facility:

  • Firstly, build an Animal Husbandry Facility, which will require you to have Zoology skills and a few resources.
  • Then, you will need to connect it to a Greenhouse, which provides Fiber and a Water Extractor, which provides Water.
  • After connecting the facility to power, you can select the animals and byproducts you want.
  • The byproducts produced by the facility can be collected from the storage located next to the facility.
  • You can use them to craft items or sell them to others.
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Why Is Animal Husbandry Not Showing Up In Starfield?

Here are some reasons mentioned why Animal Husbandry is not showing up in Starfield:

1. Wrong Planet

Animal Husbandry is only available on planets where animals (fauna) can live.

You won’t be able to set it up if you’re on a barren or unsuitable planet.

However, you can check whether a planet is habitable by looking for a Habitable icon on the Starmap.

2. Incomplete Scanning

Ensure you have scanned animal species to 100% to start animal husbandry.

You need to scan at least one animal species to 100%.

Therefore, you can scan animals by using the Hand Scanner.

 scan at least one animal species to 100%
You need to scan at least one animal species to 100%.

3. Skill Requirement

To begin Animal Husbandry, you must spend skill points in the Zoology skill area.

You must have the Zoology skill at least at rank 1.

However, you can unlock this skill by investing points in the Science skill area.

Additionally, invest in Outpost Engineering to facilitate the setup of Animal Husbandry facilities.

zoology skill at least at rank 1
You must have the Zoology skill at least at rank 1.

4. Lack Of Resources

You won’t be able to construct the facility if you have not gathered the required resources.

Building an Animal Husbandry requires specific resources like:

  • 1 Sealant
  • 4 Aluminum
  • 2 Adaptive Frames
  • 1 Reactive Gauge

5. Connect To Power

Make sure the facility is powered and resources are supplied.

Connect the facility to necessary resources, such as fiber and water.

You can connect the facility to power by connecting it to a Greenhouse and a Water Extractor.

However, you can use Transfer Containers, Storage Containers, and Power sources to connect.

6. Biome Restrictions

Not all animals can be bred for husbandry.

Certain animals in those biomes may not allow outpost production as some planets have different biomes.

Look for animals with the Outpost production allowed label in your scanner to ensure they can be used.

 animals with the Outpost production allowed label
Look for animals with the Outpost production allowed label.

The Bottom Line

Eventhough you have checked all of the above, Animal Husbandry is still not showing up.

Then, it is possible that there is a bug in the game.

In this case, you can try either restarting the game or contacting Bethesda support for help.

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