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Starfield Revelation Quest Bug: Easy ways To Fix It

The Revelation quest in Starfield is one of the most epic and climactic missions in the entire game.

However, some players have reported encountering a bug that prevents completion of the Revelation quest.

To fix the Revelation quest bug in Starfield, you must try workarounds such as reloading to a save before accessing the Anomaly, disabling companions, verifying game files, adjusting graphics settings and waiting inside the bugged area.

In this article, we will discuss the revelation quest and its bug in Starfield.

What Is The Revelation Quest In Starfield?

The Revelation quest is the culmination of the main story arc in Starfield.

After exploring the various colonies and factions throughout the game, players will receive a message to travel to the ancient buried temple on Masada III.

Here, they will gain access to the Anomaly – a strange dimensional rift that holds untold secrets.

Within the Anomaly, players must navigate hazardous environments and defeat waves of Starborn enemies.

The goal is to gather artifacts with special properties and use their power.

Confronting and overcoming the formidable Starborn Guardians is the climax of the quest line.

revelation quest masada
Players will receive a message to travel to the ancient buried temple on Masada III.

How To Start The Revelation Quest?

To initiate the Revelation quest, players must first complete several main story missions leading up to it.

They will need to choose a side in the conflict between the United Colonies and Freestar Collective, then help decode the location of the buried temple from an ancient data vault.

Once these prerequisites are fulfilled, players will receive a message to travel to Masada III.

Landing at the coordinates will trigger a cutscene where the temple entrance unseals, allowing players to enter and progress the quest.

The mission officially begins after accessing the dimensional rift known as the Anomaly.

Confronting The Guardians

After making your way through the destroyed Ecliptic base, you’ll enter another large chamber within the Buried Temple.

Here you’ll face off against Guardian Musa and several other Starborn enemies.

Guardian Musa has the ability to create duplicates of itself, so be prepared to take on multiple opponents.

Focus fire on the real Musa and use crowd control abilities to limit the duplicates’ effectiveness.

Exploit any elemental weaknesses if possible.

It’s a difficult battle requiring precise aim and resource management.

Once all enemies are defeated, the path forward will open up.

Continue exploring the temple ruins.

Final Showdown

Deeper inside the temple, you’ll encounter either the Emissary or Hunter depending on your earlier choices.

A climactic battle ensues against this powerful Starborn ally-turned-foe.

The fight moves across several locations, with your opponent regenerating health between stages.

Team up with your own companion if available to even the odds.

revelation quest emissary starfield
You’ll encounter either the Emissary or Hunter depending on your earlier choices.

After wearing down your former ally’s defenses, the time will come to land the final blow.

With their defeat, only the mysterious Artifact remains.

Claimed at last, it will provide the answers you seek. However, escaping the unstable temple poses its own dangers.

Your journey rapidly draws to a climactic conclusion.

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How To Solve The Challenges Of The Revelation Quest?

The Revelation quest presents many difficult challenges that will test players’ combat skills and problem-solving abilities.

Here are some tips for overcoming its obstacles:

  1. Explore every nook and cranny of the environment for hidden artifacts and clues. Artifact collection is important for unlocking the quest’s secrets.
  2. Use weapons and armor optimized for your play style. Elemental damage types like fire and shock work well against Starborn enemies.
  3. Employ strategic tactics like crowd control, stealth attacks, and exploiting enemy weaknesses when facing large groups.
  4. Work together with any companions to combine abilities for maximum effectiveness in battles.
  5. Search for alternative paths and shortcuts to bypass dangerous areas or surprise opponents.
  6. Save often and try different approaches if an encounter proves too difficult. Don’t be afraid to retreat and come back stronger.
  7. Pay close attention to environmental hazards and learn patterns to avoid damage from traps and automatic defenses.
revelation quest bug starfield
Artifact collection is important for unlocking the quest’s secrets.

With careful planning and perseverance, players can overcome any challenge the Revelation quest presents.

Proper preparation is important for facing its climactic conclusion.

What Is The Bug In The Revelation Quest In Starfield?

Unfortunately, some players have reported encountering a game-breaking bug that prevents completion of the Revelation questline.

The bug typically occurs after players gain access to the Anomaly:

  • Upon entering the Anomaly, the game world fails to load properly, and players are stuck inside floors/walls or floating in space.
  • Attempting to reload or restart the game results in the same issue, with players unable to progress objectives.
  • The quest log and mission tracker become desynced and no longer update properly.
  • Fast traveling or returning to spaceships does not resolve the loading issue. Players remain trapped.

This bug can ruin saves and make the main quest permanently incompletable without a fix.

It seems to be related to issues with the game failing to properly transition between interior and exterior environments during the Revelation quest sequence.

How To Fix The Revelation Quest Bug In Starfield?

Luckily, players have discovered some workarounds that can resolve the bug and allow quest progression once again:

  1. Reload to a save before initially gaining access to the Anomaly. Avoid manual/quick saves inside problematic areas.
  2. Disable any active companions/followers before starting the quest, as their presence can sometimes trigger the loading bug.
  3. Verify the game files and apply any updates. Bugs are sometimes fixable through patches.
  4. Adjust graphics settings lower to reduce strain on hardware during transitions.
  5. Try waiting/idling for 10-15 minutes inside the bugged area. Loading may just require more time on some systems.
  6. As a last resort, revert to an even earlier save from before quest acceptance to avoid corrupted quest data.

With patience and experimentation, one of these solutions typically rescues save files from the Revelation bug.

Awareness of the issue prevents frustration and allows players to continue their journey.

The Bottom Line

The Revelation Quest in Starfield offers an epic sci-fi conclusion to the main story.

However, some technical bugs can potentially block progression if not addressed.

We hope these insights into the quest mechanics and provided fixes allow more players to overcome challenges and unveil the mysteries that await.

With preparation and determination, the secrets of the Anomaly and Starborn Guardians can be revealed.

May the stars guide you on your journey!

Happy Gaming!

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