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How To Sell Ships For Profit In Starfield?

In Starfield, selling ships is key for making money and upgrading. You can buy, improve, and then sell a variety of spacecraft.

These ships come in different classes, like Class A, which is the best.

Some are good for fighting, some for carrying stuff, and some for exploring.

To sell ships for profit in Starfield, you must find the right vendor at a spaceport and consider various tips like focusing on larger ships, stripping upgrades, and exploring different selling options.

Selling ships gives you credits to buy better ones, clear up space, and specialize your fleet.

This guide will show you how to sell ships for profit in Starfield.

Introduction To Ships And Types In Starfield

Starfield features a diverse array of ships that players can acquire, upgrade, and sell.

Ships fall under several classes – A, B, and C – with A being the largest and most advanced.

The main types are fighters for combat, haulers for cargo, and explorers for long-range travel.

Fighters emphasize weapons and speed while haulers focus on storage.

Explorers strike a balance with decent cargo space and strong hulls.

sell ships starfield class a
Ships in Starfield fall under several classes – A, B, and C – with A being the largest and most advanced.

Beyond these, there are specialized ships like mining vessels, medical frigates, and more.

However, understanding the strengths and weaknesses of different ship classes and types is key to choosing which to keep and which to sell for profit.

Types Of Ships In Starfield

Here are some major types of ships in Starfield;

Frontier – The basic starter ship you begin the game with, suitable for early exploration.

Razorleaf – A combat-focused mid-sized ship ideal for taking on enemy vessels.

Star Eagle – A versatile and well-armed mid-game ship awarded for helping the Freestar Collective.

Starborn Guardian – The most advanced ship only available upon completing the main story, with unique weapons and defenses.

Marathon – Known for its huge cargo capacity, this utilitarian ship excels at freight hauling.

Dragonfly – A lightweight fighter favored by pirates and outlaws for its speed and maneuverability.

Manta – Used by various factions, this multipurpose ship prioritizes functionality over frills.

Pelican – Distinctive for its VTOL capabilities, the Pelican provides versatile transport.

Cardinal – Heavily modified versions of this ship are popular among smugglers for cargo runs.

Ares – Formidable warships employed by various navies, equipped for combat above all else.

Mercury – Sleek scientific vessels valued for exploration and research missions.

Medical Frigate – Spacious ships outfitted as mobile medical facilities, well-suited for rescue ops.

Miner – Specialized colliers modified to extract resources via onboard mining equipment.

Hope – Iconic civilian transports ferrying passengers and light cargo across settled space.

Starfield features many unique ship types to suit different playstyles from starting vessels to end-game capital ships.

The variety provides options for combat, trade, exploration or other roles in the game.

Benefits Of Selling Ships In Starfield

Selling unused or upgraded ships provides several benefits in Starfield:

1. Credits

Ship sales directly translate to credits that you can reinvest in new ships, upgrades, weapons, armor, and other gear.

The more ships you sell, the more money is available to progress.

2. Try New Ships

Money from ship sales allows players to continually experiment with different classes, types, and manufacturers to find their preferred playstyle.

Rather than being stuck with one ship, credits enable frequent trades.

3. Free Up Inventory Space

Selling old ships frees up limited player storage space that can then hold valuable crafting materials or lucrative cargo for trading.

4. Specialize Collections

By selling general-purpose ships, players can focus their fleets around specialized roles like combat, mining, or cargo hauling tailored to their activities.

5. Upgrade Paths

Ship upgrades become very expensive, so selling older ships subsidizes the costs of advancing to higher-quality vessels with new components and technologies.

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How To Sell Ships In Starfield? 

The process of selling ships in Starfield involves the following steps:

  1. Clear all inventory from the ship, including cargo, weapons, and components. Sell these to a trader first.
  2. Travel to any spaceport with a Ship Services Technician vendor, like New Atlantis or Gagarin Station.
  3. Speak to the technician and select the “Buy or Sell Ships” option.
  4. On the ship selection screen, tab over to the ship you want to sell.
  5. For stolen ships, you must first register ownership, deducting a registration fee from the total sale value.
  6. Select the “Sell Ship” option located in the bottom right of the ship info screen.
  7. Confirm the sale and receive credits directly deposited into your funds.
  8. For outpost residents, build a Ship Builder Kiosk and follow the same sale process from your personal outpost.
  9. Vendors will periodically restock credits, so revisit them regularly to maximize profits from ship sales.
  10. Consider selling ships at different ports to get the best individual sale prices for top value.
sell ships for profit
For outpost residents, build a Ship Builder Kiosk and follow the sale process from your personal outpost.

How To Sell Ships For Profit In Starfield?

Some tips for maximizing profits when selling ships include:

  1. Focus on selling larger A and B class ships with the highest sale values, often more credits than any other ships.
  2. Strip ships of all upgrades and installed components before selling to boost sale prices.
  3. Consider rare or unique ship models that may attract collectors for premium resale costs.
  4. Sell ships to different vendors, as individual merchants offer varying purchase rates. Shop around.
  5. Stack ship sales with Trader and Merchant perks for a 5-10% sale boost each.
  6. Offload stolen ships at remote outposts to avoid registration fees deducted from sale prices.
  7. Store ships short-term instead of selling if market prices are low to get a better deal later.
  8. Use profits from ship sales to reinvest in new ships to expand fleets further continually.
sell ships technician starfield
Sell ships to different vendors, as individual merchants offer varying purchase rates.

Additional Tips To Sell Ships For Profit In Starfield

Here are a few tips from forums and articles on selling ships for the best profit in Starfield:

Only sell ships that are fully repaired and upgraded.

In addition, players report getting 60-100% better sale prices for ships in top condition.

Fast travel between spaceports and reload saves to check variable sale prices.

Moreover, larger ports tend to offer better prices than smaller outposts.

Sell stolen or “hot” ships as soon as possible before they accumulate bounty value that cuts into profits.

However, consider selling specialized ships like miners or traders at ports specializing in those industries for potentially higher prices.

Keep lower-value starter ships like the Nomad rather than selling, in case you need a basic ship for missions or transport later on.

Store valuable ship components separately rather than leaving them installed.

Those components don’t add to the sale price but are worth good money individually.

The Bottom Line

In the vast open worlds of Starfield, ships serve as players’ mobile bases and primary transportation methods.

With so many ships to discover and collect, selling older or unneeded models is a smart way to generate credits that fuel further adventures.

For those seeking to build fleets or constantly upgrade their ship, selling vessels is a profitable part of the journey.

Thus, with practice, ship trading can become a reliable money-making venture across the stars.

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