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What To Do With Starfield Spaceship Debris On Planet?

Players can do a whole lot of things with spaceships in Starfield.

Along with building spaceships, you can also destroy the spaceships that are no longer in use.

The debris of those destroyed spaceships can be found in space and on the planets.

Spaceship debris in Starfield is the remains of a destroyed ship floating around in space or on the planet. In addition, you can loot the spaceship debris to gain valuable credits and experience points.

This article explores the details of spaceship debris and what to do with them.

What Are Spaceship Debris?

Although you can roam around a planet on foot, Starfield is all about space travel.

For space travel, the number one thing necessary is spaceships.

Spaceships must be powerful, with advanced technology, better combat and many more.

However, as you grow in the game, you must also destroy some spaceships.

The remains of destroyed spaceships are Spaceship Debris.

Additionally, the spaceship debris can be helpful for a couple of reasons.

What To Do With Spaceship Debris?

Spaceship Debris can have many valuable items, such as armor, gear, and many more.

So, the most obvious thing you can do with spaceship debris is loot them.

Also, spaceship debris can be found in space and on planets.

If an icon of a chest appears near spaceship debris, you can loot them.

In addition, you’ll have to be within the 500-meter range of the debris.

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How To Destroy A Spaceship?

There can be many reasons to destroy a spaceship.

Sometimes you might need to destroy a spaceship because it is no longer helpful.

However, the most common reason can be for you to win a space combat.

Another reason to destroy any spaceship can be the mission of a certain quest.

Whether you are defending yourself or pirating another ship, make sure you have powerful combat.

Without powerful combat weapons and gear, your chance of losing a battle can be high.

To destroy a spaceship, you must be within an appropriate distance from the enemy ship.

Then, using your powerful weapons and armor, you should destroy the enemy ship.

Aiming at the engine and the enemy ship’s shield will be helpful.

Also, it is advisable to upgrade your shield to protect your ship.

Furthermore, you could either steal or disable the ship without destroying it.

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How To Loot Destroyed Ships?

As we already know, we can loot even the debris of the spaceships on both planets and in space.

Here is the step-by-step process to loot the ship debris in Starfield.

  1. Find the ship debris on a planet or in space through a chest icon.
  2. Go within 500 meters of the ship to be able to target the ship.
  3. Then, press E if you’re on a PC to target the ship.
  4. Targeting the ship will let you know about the things present on the ship.
Starfield spaceship debris on ship
Target the spaceship to loot the spaceship debris in Starfield
  1. Then, press E again to take whatever is on the ship.
  2. Additionally, to gain more information, you can press F.
scanner view
Open up the scanner to get additional information
  1. This will open up the Scanner and give information about the System, planet and the contents of the ship debris.

To loot the spaceship debris on a planet, you should do the following steps:

  1. Firstly open up the Scanner by pressing the F key on your keyboard.
  2. The Scanner will show which part of the planet contains the spaceship debris.
Starfield spaceship debris on planet
The spaceship debris on the planet can also be viewed through a scanner
  1. Then, travel to the targetted area of the planet.
  2. Now, press E on your keyboard to target the spaceship debris.
  3. Again press E to take whatever is on the debris.

In addition, press A on the controller if you’re playing on an Xbox.

Just make sure you are near the spaceship debris to be able to loot.

Looting a spaceship or spaceship debris not only helps you gain whatever is inside the ship.

But it will also help you increase your XP. 

Furthermore, if you still cannot figure out what to do with spaceship debris on planets or in space.

Reddit starfield spaceship debris on planet
Reddit user discussion about looting the spaceship debris

You can join any Reddit group to gain valuable insights from players’ experiences.

The Bottom Line

Spaceship debris is the remains of a destroyed spaceship which can be present on a planet or in space.

You can loot the spaceship debris to take whatever is remaining on the part of the ship.

By looting the debris, you can also gain valuable XP points.

So, next time you see spaceship debris, try your luck and loot!

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