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Asteroid Stuck To Ship In Starfield: Solutions

Many players are complaining about the Ship being stuck to an Asteroid in Starfield.

Players can come across space stations, Ships, and Asteroids when they explore the various locations. 

The Asteroid getting stuck to the Ship is more likely a glitch than an in-game feature in Starfield. Players can try disabling the item after aiming it, customize or buy a new Ship or wait for the new patch.  

Continue reading to discover if the Asteroid attaching to the Ship has a discrete solution or if is it just a minor bug in Starfield. 

How Does Asteroid Stuck In The Ship?

The Starfield game is about exploring planets, moons, and solar systems and completing various quests.

Moreover, the Ship is the only convenient transportation machine players use to discover or play missions in these locations.

Some random objects can get stuck in the Ship while traveling through space or extracting minerals like irons. 

Moreover, there is a high probability that Asteroids get stuck when players extract them for valuable minerals.

Unfortunately, the Starfield Asteroid following ship can also affect battles or mission progressions.

When players are around the Asteroid and deploy the gravity jump function or land close to the object, they get attached to the Ship.

starfield asteroid stuck to ship
Destroy the Asteroid to extract minerals.

This can happen with not just a single but multiple asteroids and objects invading the Spaceship space.

The objects and mining materials getting stuck may be due to a minor glitch and are possible solutions as well.

What Happens If Asteroid Is Stuck In The Ship?

The Starfield Asteroid following Ship can be an annoying in-game experience for players in Starfield.

It can tag along with any Spaceships even when players are playing the missions or show up only a few times.

Moreover, players will have a blocked view of the locations, including planets, stars, moons and the solar system due to the Asteroid.

Players in the battle can have a significant disadvantage as Asteroids block a few camera angles while docking the Ship.

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Removing The Asteroids Stuck To Ship In Starfield

Here are some possible ways players can remove the Asteroids stuck to the Ship;

1. Disable Item ID

If players have any items floating around or following the Ship, including the Asteroid, try targeting the item.

After players aim them, players should click on the item.

The system will show the item ID; try typing disable so the Asteroid can vanish from the Spaceship.

Unfortunately, the solutions do not work for the Xbox or other consoles. 

2. Destroy The Asteroid

The first possible solution to remove the asteroids is completely destroying them.

Players can quickly destroy them using another Ship if the asteroids attach to the front and the top part.

starfield asteroid stuck to ship
Destroy the Asteroid stuck to the Ship.

Moreover, many players are very impatient about removing the items from the Ship.

Try using laser weapons or high-damage weapons like sniper rifles for a longer period of time.

3. Remove The Parts 

The following option players can use to remove the object from the Spaceship: replace the parts.

Use the new Ship as the home Ship or try to Steal The Best Ship to overcome this problem.

If players try to customize, build, or get a new Ship, visit the in-game Ship teachers or vendors.

New Atlantis, Neon and Akila City are the prime locations to find the merchants.

4. Wait For The Patch 

The items, including Space Stations and Asteroids, get stuck on the Spaceship due to a minor glitch.

Players have figured out over a hundred glitches and bugs in the latest launch of the game.

The crashes on PC, NPC reactions glitch and other minor bugs like the Asterioud glitch should be fixed in the upcoming update.

The Bottom Line 

The Asteroid in the player’s Spaceship gets stuck when players can mine the item for irons, and gold is likely a glitch.

Players should try disabling the item using the PC, build a new Ship and customize the Ship.

If the solutions don’t work, it is best to wait for the upcoming update of the Starfield game.

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