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Taskmaster In Starfield: Unlock It

With the Starfield Taskmaster, you can have trained crew members to repair your ship systems automatically.

However, you will also have to pay more for your crew members.

You can unlock the Starfield Taskmaster trait by selecting it during character creation. Moreover, you can perform a series of missions exploring ancient temples and acquiring powers.

Continue reading to learn more about unlocking and using the Taskmaster in Starfield.

What Is Starfield Taskmaster?

The Taskmaster is a trait that lets you select your character in Starfield.

This trait has some advantages and disadvantages for your gameplay.

The Taskmaster trait has the following effects:

  • Pros: If you have crew trained in a ship system, that system will automatically repair when damaged below 50%.
  • Cons: Every crew costs twice as much to hire.
ship starfield taskmaster
You can have trained crew members with Taskmaster Trait. 

If you choose this trait, you will have more reliable and efficient shipping systems.

However, you must also pay more money to recruit crew members.

Planning to have companions on your ship and assigning them to specific duties is useful.

Moreover, it can help you avoid costly repairs and maintain your ship’s performance.

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How To Unlock Taskmaster Trait?

To unlock the Taskmaster trait in Starfield, there are two possible ways.

One way is to select it during character creation, and the following is to complete a series of missions.

Complete Series Of Missions

In these missions, you need to explore ancient temples and acquire powers.

 You can obtain the Taskmaster trait, one of the powers from these temples.

1. Into The Unknown

The first mission that leads you to the temple is called Into The Unknown.

However, you must have completed The Old Neighborhood mission to start it.

This mission will take you to a planet where you have to follow the distortions on your scanner until you reach the Temple Eta.

into the unknown
Into The Unknown is the first mission.

Inside the temple, you have to float through patches of glowing lights until a portal opens in the center.

Finally, passing through the portal will grant you the Anti-Gravity Field power and the Taskmaster trait.

2. Power From Beyond

The next mission that unlocks another temple is called Power From Beyond.

However, for this mission, you should accomplish the Into The Unknown.

This mission will allow you to travel to various planets across the galaxy.

On those planets, you can find more temples and more powers.

Each temple has a similar process of finding and entering it.

However, the powers and traits that you get may vary depending on your choices.

planet, starfield taskmaster
You need to travel to various planets across the galaxy.

How To Use Taskmaster Effectively?

To use the Taskmaster trait effectively, you need to consider the following factors:

1. The Crew Members You Hire

You should hire crew members with skills matching the ship systems you want to train them.

For example, if you want to train a crew member in the weapons system.

Moreover, you should hire someone who has high combat skills.

Further, you can look for crew members with other traits that benefit you.

The Hero Worshiped or Empath is an example.

hero worshipped
Hero worshipped is a crew member with other traits.

2. The Ship Systems To Assign

You should assign your crew members to the ship systems that are most important for your gameplay style and objectives.

For example, to focus on exploration and combat, you should assign your crew members to the engines, weapons, shields, and scanners.

However, to focus on trading and diplomacy, you should assign your crew members to the cargo, communications, and navigation.

3. Ways To Balance Your Budget

You should keep track of your income and expenses, as hiring crew members can be very costly with the Taskmaster trait.

You should look for ways to increase your income, such as completing quests, selling loot, or investing in businesses.

Moreover, you should look for ways to reduce your expenses.

It may include repairing your ship at friendly stations, avoiding unnecessary fights, or using discounts and coupons. 

The Bottom Line

Taskmaster traits can be helpful if you plan to have companions on your ship and assign them to specific duties.

Additionally, it can help you avoid costly repairs and maintain your ship’s performance.

However, you must spend more money recruiting crew members, which can limit your budget for other things.

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