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Bypass The Steam Create Account Not Working Issue

Many users are complaining that the Create Account page on Steam is not working for them.

This is a recurring issue that users have faced even seven years ago as the page would just go unresponsive.

If the Steam Create Account page is not working, players can bypass this issue by switching to a different browser other than Edge and Chrome. However, if the problem still persists, they can try clearing the cache files from the browser.

Continue reading this article to learn why the Create Account page is not working for Steam.

Steam’s Create Account Not Working Issue

Steam is a social platform where users can purchase different games and stay up-to-date with the developers.

In fact, users can use all the Steam’s services just by making a verified Steam account on their website.

Intro to Create Account page on Steam
Using the Create Account feature using Steam.

However, users online are seen complaining about the dysfunctional Create Account feature that just becomes unresponsive.

According to users, the page just reloads and asks them to re-do the captcha each time.

Hence, Steam is facing some major backlash as users continue to badmouth the entire platform for this issue.

This is because the Recaptcha issue is a recurring issue that persists even in the recent version of Steam.

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How To Solve Steam Create Account Not Working?

Although there are many solutions to solve the Create Account issue on Steam, one stands out the most.

According to a Reddit threadusers can easily bypass this issue by using a different web browser.

Specifically, the user suggested using Mozilla Firefox, as it does not use any Recaptcha features on the browser.

Using Firefox and clearing cache to solve the issue
Using Firefox and clearing cache to solve the Create Account not working issue.

However, it was also discovered that this issue mainly occurs on browsers like Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome.

Hence, users can rest easy if they avoid these browsers when they attempt to create a new Steam Account.

They can also try to clear the cache files in the browsers to solve this browser issue.

Nevertheless, if the problem persists, users must contact Steam’s official customer support page.

Alternate Causes For The Create Account Issue

The Create Account page issue is always not tied to the Recaptcha issue, as there are some other factors.

Therefore, players must learn about these issues below to counter them accordingly:

  1. Users forget to fill in some of the text fields in the Create Account page on Steam.
  2. There is a high chance that users got the Recaptcha prompt wrong.
  3. Users must verify their email to create a Steam account by following a link in their email.
  4. Sometimes users use a pre-linked email to create a Steam account, which does not work.
  5. Moreover, the feature does not work properly if the user is using a VPN or DNS.
  6. Steam might be actually down for some maintenance, disabling all their services temporarily.

The Bottom Line

There are multiple solutions for the Steam’s Create Account feature not working on the internet.

However, users must only try those that are confirmed by the comment section as it proves their legitimacy.

Also, users can directly contact Steam to learn and solve this issue without any hassle.

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