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Linkpop Facebook Scam: Truth Behind The Message

A potential scam is surrounding Facebook about the Linkpop website.

The website suggests to reach the target audience and boost the social media presence.

If users get the message portraying The Facebook Team claiming users have violated the policy, it is a scam. Hence, users should avoid or delete the message.

Continue reading about the Linkpop Facebook Scam and whether users should trust the platform.

Linkpop Facebook Scam

Linkpop, the Shopify application, claims to help small or large businesses sell products through the Bio link.

According to the developers, people can add products or affiliate links and get returns based on the sales.

Moreover, users can customize the page for free and get sales and product views analytics.

Linkpop also focuses on small businesses by helping them sell merchandise and doorship products without investing in the app.

linkpop shopify
Users can share the products using the social media bio through Linkpop.

Even after helping the vendors reach the target audiences, many users claim something fishy about Linkpop.

This is because of a potential fake message from The Facebook Team, which violates the code of conduct.

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Linkpop Message On Facebook: Scam Or Legit

Many Linkpop users who share their product links on their bio get messages from the Facebook Team.

That suggests that Linkpop users have shared their products without any authorization.

linkpop facebook scam
Potential Scam message from the Fake Facebook Team.

According to the message, the user’s page is flagged due to misconduct, and they must appeal to their page.

Hence, they have provided the link to submit an appeal form and recover the Business Account after being flagged.

However, this message seems to be a scam, considering there is no authenticity.

Moreover, the Facebook Team never shares these appeal links when the account is not officially flagged.

Users who open the link mistakenly or anxiously are up for huge trouble.

The users can potentially lose the products in the bio link and account permanently.

Hence, the best way to eliminate these messages is by deleting or deactivating the accounts for a while.

Is Linkpop Safe To Use?

Linkpop seems to be a great app for small and household businesses trying to reach their target customers free of cost.

However, before sharing the product links on the bio, users should view all the Terms of Usage.

Also, before selling the products via Linkpop, users first need to verify their authenticity.

Moreover, users should keep an eye on the reviews on Linkpop’s online handles or the Shopify page.

linkpop revoew scam
A negative review on the Linkpop app.

Analyzing Linkpop’s status in Shopify, there are mixed reviews about the online platform.

Some users claim the platform collects their details and links their products to other businesses.

However, some users are satisfied as the platform gradually helps them sell their products hassle-free.

The Botton Line

The advancement of technology has both positive and negative aspects; which indirectly affects the daily life of users.

A few of the negative aspects are scams, online fraud, phishing, and data breaches.

Hence, users should check the sources and not click links or messages without authority like Facebook Teams.

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