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Lords Of The Fallen: Find Doomed Paladin Armor Set

In Lords of the Fallen, players can get the Doomed Paladin outfit by playing several quests.

Similarly, players have to find their way to the mysterious door and unravel the hidden secrets behind it. 

In Lords of the Fallen, players must activate four remembrances to unlock the enigmatic door to access the Doomed Paladin Armor Set.

Continue reading to explore more about the Doomed Paladin Armor Set and the process to unlock it.

Lords Of The Fallen: An Overview Of The Remembrance 

Players must complete several quests and missions in Lords Of The Fallen to gain multiple rewards and gifts.

Similarly, players have to collect several remembrances before having access to the Doomed Paladin armor set.

Players must have four remembrances scattered throughout the expansive game world to open the enigmatic door.

Once they acquire the four remembrances, players can open the mysterious door and get the privilege of being the Doomed Paladin.

Here are the four remembrances players must collect before accessing the door :

1. Flayed Skin

Initially, players have to collect the first remembrances, known as the “Flayed Skin,” to move forward in the quest.

Similarly, players can find the Flayed Skin near the location where they defeated the Light Reaper.

Flayed Skin
The player can find the flayed skin near the corpse of the Light Reaper.

To find Flayed Skin, players must make their way to the left from the battle of the first boss during exploration of the area.

2. Lower Calrath

After acquiring the first remembrance, players are ready to collect their second remembrance, which is “Lower Calrath.”

However, players can discover this remembrance while exploring the area of Fief of Chill.

Similarly, the second and Third remembrance can be found inside the Fief of Chill; it is mandatory to collect them.

3. Fief Of Chill

Upon collecting the first remembrance, players now have to get their hands on the second and the third remembrance.

Similarly, players have to explore the area of “Fief of Chill”  and acquire two different remembrances. 

Player exploring Fief of Chili Lords of the fallen
Players have to explore the area of Fief of Chill to find the remembrances.

The second one can be found easily at the beginning of the path in this area; moreover, players must also locate a third one.

Similarly,  players can find the third one inside the Fief of Chill by being patient enough to explore the area.

4. Path Of Devotion

After acquiring all three of the remembrance set, it is time to collect the last remembrance, known as the “Path of Devotion.”.

Players must collect the final remembrance to complete their quest without any trouble.

Player exploring the in Lords of the fallen
The player must explore the area of the path of devotion to find the last remembrance.

Similarly, this remembrance can be found in the area of the Path of the Devotion; players must delve into this area.

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Finding The Enigmatic Door: Become A Doomed Paladin

Players have to find their way to the enigmatic door, which reveals the precious armor set of Doomed Paladin.

The enigmatic door is located near the corpse of the Light Reaper; players now have to return to the corpse.

Upon reaching the corpse, players can find the Enigmatic door right around the corner where you defeated the Light Reaper.

Moreover, players can now unlock the doors from the remembrances that they collected before as a quest.

Finally, after activating all four remembrances, the enigmatic door will now open, which will then reveal the Doomed Paladin’s armor set.

The Bottom Line 

Players must focus on unlocking the Doomed Paladin’s door as it is challenging and provides a rewarding game experience.

Similarly, players must focus on collecting four remembrances, which will open the door to the armor.

In summary, players must endure a challenging journey before officially becoming the Doomed Paladin.

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