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MW3 Vault Edition Not Working: Possible Fixes

The Modern Warfare 3 Vault Edition is a unique game edition with additional content and DLC.

However, some users have reported issues with the Vault Edition not working as expected.

MW3 Vault Edition is not working, and currently has some issues. You can fix those issues by reinstalling the game, restoring the PlayStation license, and verifying the game data.

This article discusses the causes and solutions of the MW3 vault edition not working.

MW3 Vault Edition Not Working: Causes

There can be any cause for MW3 not working in your console or device.

However, there are some possible causes of MW3 not working; they are:

1. Game Files Not Fully Installed

The Vault Edition may not function properly if the game files are not entirely installed on the console.

Therefore, you should install the game properly without any interruptions throughout the process.

2. Problems With License

The most common reason for Vault Edition not running on PlayStation consoles is that the licenses are not loaded.

However, this problem can be resolved by restoring the licenses in the PlayStation 5 settings.

mw3 vault edition community discussion
This is the community discussion on Reddit of MW3 Vault Edition not working.

3. Game File Verification

Verifying the game files allows the device to look for and repair corrupted files that may be causing the problem.

There might be some corrupt files, which could be why MW3 stopped working.

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MW3 Vault Edition Not Working: Fixes

There are some standard solutions for the above cause to fix MW3 Vault Edition.

Here are some solutions for the issues for MW3 Vault Edition:

1. Install All Accessible Game Files And Add-ons

If the problem is due to game installation files not being fully installed on your console, this solution will resolve it.

You can try installing all accessible game files, some players have solved this issue.

2. Check The Game Files

Verifying the game files allows the device to look for and repair corrupted files.

Thus, updating the game can create some issues on the game file.

Therefore, some issues can be fixed by deleting the extra game data found in the files.

3. Reinstall The Game 

Reinstalling the game may assist, but it is not assured to work.

However, there could be an issue on Activision’s end.

Therefore, reinstalling the game will install all fresh content of the game on your device.

4. Contact Activision

Sometimes the skins and materials are linked to the Activision account from which you purchased them.

So, contacting Activision should resolve the issue for your game.

MW3 Vault Edition
You can solve the issue by report your problem in customer support.

5. Restore PlayStation Licences

Restoring licenses in PlayStation 5 settings can resolve the issue on PlayStation platforms.

In addition, follow these methods to restore licenses on a PlayStation console:

Navigate to “Settings” on your PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5 console.

Then, select Account Management and Restore Licences.

Therefore, restoring licenses will not damage your data, and you can also try enabling your primary PS4 console.

The Bottom Line

The issues on Modern Warfare 3 Vault Edition can be fixed in further updates or fixes from the game developer.

However, you can solve those issues by implementing common solutions.

If any of these solutions do not work for you then you can try contacting customer support.

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