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Style Tumbler Scam: How To Avoid?

 Style Tumbler Scam is one of the trending topics on the internet where scammers claim to sell products at low prices.

Moreover, website scams have become increasingly sophisticated, striving to scam individuals.

Style Tumbler is a fraudulent site that offers stylish mugs, quenchers, water bottles, and inferior goods. Moreover, it is using stolen images and fake reviews on its website and has a trust rating of 1% on Scamadviser.

Continue reading this article to learn about the Style Tumbler Scam and the tips to avoid it.

What Is A Style Tumbler Scam?

A Style Tumbler Scam also known as, is an online shop that claims to sell inferior goods.

This fraudulent scheme provides doubtfully high discounts on its products which is comparatively lower than other shops.

Style Tumbler scam website
Style Tumbler is a fraudulent website that offers 336 different products.

However, Style Tumbler Scam attracts customers to place orders and try to get their money and other personal information.

Hence, before clicking on anything, check the domain age and verify the legitimacy of the site through trusted channels.

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Spotting A Style Tumbler Scam

Before clicking on anything, check the domain age and verify the legitimacy of the site through trusted channels.

Style Tumbler rate on Scamadviser
Style Tumbler has a low trust rating of 1% on Scamadviser.

Hence, here are some of the red flags which indicate that the Style Tumbler is a scam.

1. Lack Of Social Media Presence

Style Tumbler does not have a notable social media presence.

However, the absence of a social media presence raises questions regarding the authenticity and reliability of the website.

2. Part Of Scam Network

Style Tumbler has a low trust rating of 1% on Scamadviser, which is the lowest possible score.

However, some research reports show that this site is part of a scam network that aims to fraud customers.

3. Lack Of Contact Information

Style Tumbler’s website does not provide any clear and accessible contact information.

Moreover, trustworthy websites provide phone numbers, customer support email, or a physical address.

Hence, scam websites hide their information, making it challenging for users to seek help or report issues.

4. Heavy Discounts

Style Tumbler offers a suspiciously high discount on its products that seem too good to be true.

Hence, unrealistic discounts and offers are often a sign of a scam.

What To Do If You Fell For Style Tumbler Scam?

When you mistakenly fall for a scam, it is necessary to take immediate action to protect yourself.

Hence, here are some steps that you can follow;

1. Contact Your Bank

Contact your bank or credit card company as soon as possible and provide details of the unauthorized transaction.

They will block your card, reverse the charge, and ask them to issue a new one.

However, canceling your card will prevent further fraudulent purchases.

2. Report To Authorities

Report the scam to the appropriate authorities to get them removed.

However, you can report the fraud to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), providing them with all relevant details about the scam.

3. Cease Communication 

If you have been in contact with the scammer, stop all communication immediately.

Do not click on any links or open any attachments they send you and avoid responding to their messages, emails, or calls.

The Bottom Line

Style Tumbler is a suspicious shopping website that offers items at low prices and posts stolen product images.

However, these scam websites often tempt unsuspecting victims with deals that seem too good to be true.

Hence, before buying any products online, users should verify sources, check reviews, and search for contact details.

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