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Sundial In Dreamlight Valley: How To Find It?

Disney Dreamlight Valley is a game full of magical worlds where players can explore and interact with the characters.

The game allows players to unlock a character like Rapunzel by completing the quests using the Sundial in the Peaceful Meadow.

Unlocking Rapunzel in Disney Dreamlight Valley is not easy; it requires finding and activating a mysterious Sundial hidden in the game world. Furthermore, players can find Sundial behind a waterfall in the Grasslands biome.

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What Is The Sundial In Disney Dreamlight Valley?

The Sundial is a special device that Rapunzel needs and will help you to unlock her.

It is located on a small island in the Grasslands biome, behind a waterfall.

Likewise, the Sundial is connected to the Sun Core, a powerful artifact that contains the essence of the sun.

The Sun Core was shattered into pieces, and Rapunzel needs to collect them all and reassemble them to activate the Sundial.

Additionally, the Sundial is missing the Floating Sundial Gears scattered around Eternity Isle.

These gears are essential for aligning the Sundial with the sun and opening a path to the Statue of Time.

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How To Find The Sundial Gear in Disney Dreamlight Valley?

To find the Sundial gear, players must follow a series of steps involving exploring Eternity Isle.

Here is a brief overview of the steps:

  1. Players need to have the Rift in Time expansion to access the Grasslands biome.
  2. Once you complete the opening expansion, you can finally enter the Grasslands, where you can find Rapunzel behind a waterfall.
Rapunzel behind waterfall for Sundial in Dreamlight Valley
Find Rapunzel behind a waterfall.
  1. Rapunzel will ask the players to find two more gray floating rocks containing Sun Core pieces.
  2. One gray floating rock is at the Docks and the other is in the Plains.
  3. The rocks are found in random spots in the biomes, so players need to keep removing the gray rocks until they find the other two Sun Core pieces.
Gray floating rocks
Collect two gray floating rocks.
  1. After finding the two Sun Core pieces, players need to create the Sun Core at a crafting bench.
  2. Then, return to Rapunzel and use the Sun Core in the Sundial to open the big door.
  3. Afterward, players can find the Sundial and Rapunzel will explain its significance.
  4. Rapunzel will then ask the players to locate the Floating Sundial Gears that can be found in Eternity Isle.
Floating Sundial Gears
Capture all Floating Sundial Gears.
  1. However, some floating Sundial gears will stay still, while others run away and need to be caught.
  2. After collecting them all, players need to return to Rapunzel and interact with the Sundial.
  3. The Sundial will start moving and make a path to the Statue of Time, where the players need to clear the floating rocks.
Statue of Time
Open the path to the Statue of Time.
  1. Finally, talk to Rapunzel and unlock access to The Grove for 4000 Mist.

Uses Of Sundial In Disney Dreamlight Valley

Players can use Sundial to unlock Rapunzel as a playable character and access her tower, which is a new area in the game.

Rapunzel’s tower is a beautiful and cozy place, where players can interact with Rapunzel, and learn more about her story.

Similarly, players can use it to find the secret path to the Statue of Time.

Likewise, players can also explore and learn more about Sundial.

The Bottom Line

The Sundial is a key element in Disney Dreamlight Valley, as it is the gateway to unlocking Rapunzel.

Finding the Sundial gear is a challenging and rewarding quest requiring players to use their skills, creativity, and imagination.

By following the steps outlined in this article, players can find the Sundial gear and enjoy the wonders of Rapunzel’s tower.

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