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Recommended Level To Defeat Culex In Super Mario RPG

Culex is the secret boss you can fight after unlocking the dark door in the middle of Monstro town.

Further, fighting the powered-up 3D version of Culex is an even more challenging rematch fight.

You must carefully strategize and equip the best weapons and character to fight this boss.

The Recommended level to defeat Culex in Super Mario RPG is the minimum of Level 20. After you reach this level, it is easier to fight Culex after defeating the final super boss, Smith and acquiring the best equipment.

Continue to learn more about Culex recommended level and how to unlock him in Super Mario RPG.

Who Is Culex In Super Mario RPG?

Super Mario RPG has a secret boss battle referencing to the Final Fantasy Series.

Culex is the optional and most challenging boss to fight, appearing in Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars.

He has purple skin, golden wings, red twisted horns, and patches on his body.

Further, he has a jagged and long tail and four crystals around him, making him even more powerful.

Culex Superboss in Super Mario RPG
Culex is one of the toughest super bosses in Super Mario RPG.

The four crystals Fire, Water, Earth and Wind Crystal do the majority of the attack.

Culex initially had a 2D appearance which gave a stark contrast in the game’s graphics.

However, there is a post-game rematch which unlocks the 3D version along with the crystals.

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How To Unlock Culex Battle In Super Mario RPG?

There is a house in the upper left of Moleville town where a local vendor sells Fireworks for 500 coins.

After you buy the fireworks and step outside the house, there are some boxes.

You can trade the fireworks for Shiny Stones by interacting with the Mole near the crates.

Exchanging Shiny stone for Fireworks
You can exchange the fireworks to get Shiny Stone.

Further, you should enter the room with a black door in the Monstro town, which is different than others, after taking the shiny stone.

However, the door is sealed, but the Shiny stone interacts with it, and the seal is broken.

Unlocking the Culex battle for recommended level in Super Mario RPG
Fighting the super boss Culex is a tough battle.

After you step inside the room, you can challenge the original super boss of Super Mario RPG, Culex.

The Super boss Culex, combined with crystals, has 12,396 HP, the highest of any bosses in the game.

The highest HP makes fighting him much harder. So the recommended level to fight him is at least level 20 or higher.

A minimum of Level 20 is recommended with your chosen combats to defeat the secret boss.

Further, after you reach this level, you can easily defeat the final boss, Smith.

The message you get after defeating Culex in his 3D form.

So, fighting him above level 20 makes the battle easier because you acquire more weapons and items.

Though it is one of the tough battles, you can win it with better weapons such as Lazy Shell.

Further, you can choose combats like Mario, Peach and Geno to equip them with their best weapons.

Similarly, destroying the Crystals first can be used to your advantage to defeat Culex.

The Bottom Line

Overall, the optional boss Culex is a challenging battle you can fight after reaching a minimum recommended level of 20.

You must carefully consider party members, equipment, weapons and special attacks to fight him. 

A Quartz Charm accessory is rewarded after defeating the 2D version of Culex and Crystal Shard for the 3D version.

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