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Speak To Halsin At Camp Bugged: How To Fix?

Baldur’s Gate 3 is a role-playing game that lets you explore a vast and rich world, full of choices and consequences.

However, like any other game, it is not free of bugs and glitches that can sometimes ruin your experience.

One of the most common and frustrating bugs that players encounter is the speak to Halsin at the camp bugged, which prevents you from completing the Lift the Shadow Curse quest and advancing the main story. 

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What Is Speak To Halsin At Camp In BG3?

Speak to Halsin at camp is a quest objective that triggers after you rescue Druid Halsin from the goblin camp.

Speak to Halsin at camp
Speak to Halsin at camp quest objective.

Halsin is a powerful and influential druid who can help you with your tadpole problem.

Likewise, he can also resolve the conflict between the druids and the tieflings in the grove.

After you free him, he will ask you to meet him at the camp the next morning, where he will share some important information.

He will also reward you for your efforts and invite you to join the tieflings’ celebration.

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Why Speak To Halsin At Camp Is Bugged?

The speak to Halsin at camp bug occurs when you free Halsin from his cage, but he does not follow you to the grove.

Instead, he stays in the goblin camp and does not interact with you.

This prevents you from completing the quest, as you cannot speak to him or Zevlor, and you cannot make the final decision.

The bug also affects other characters, such as Oliver, Thaniel, and the refugees, who may not appear or behave as expected.

There are several possible causes for this bug, such as:

  1. Leaving the goblin camp without Halsin.
    Leaving Halsin
    Leaving Halsin in the goblin camp.
  2. Killing the goblin leaders before freeing Halsin.
  3. Having Halsin die in combat.

How To Fix Speak To Halsin At Camp Bugged?

Unfortunately, there is no official patch or update in BG3 that fixes this bug as of now.

However, some players have reported some workarounds that may help you solve the problem.

Here are some of the ways that you can follow to fix this bug:

  1. Reload an earlier save before freeing Halsin, and make sure he follows you to the grove.
  2. Use the Speak with Dead spell on Halsin’s corpse, if he died, and choose the option to revive him.
  3. Then, speak to him again and see if he moves to the grove.
  4. Long rest in the goblin camp after freeing Halsin, and see if he de-aggroes and talks to you.
    Long rest
    Long rest in the goblin camp.
  5. Wait for a future patch or update that may fix the bug.

However, there is a way to skip this bug and continue to the next quest.

If you haven’t gotten the quest marker from Halsin, then there is a cabin on the east side of the map with the next stage of the quest.

The Bottom Line

Speak to Halsin at camp is a crucial quest in Baldur’s Gate 3 that can help you progress the story and unlock new options and opportunities.

However, some players have faced a bug that prevents them from completing this quest and speaking to Halsin.

To fix this bug, you can try reloading an earlier save, long rest in the goblin camp, or waiting for a patch.

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