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How To Talk To The Strange Figure In BG3?

In the early access version of Baldur’s Gate 3, you will come across a mysterious hooded figure standing alone in the ruins of a building.

This figure does not speak or interact but seems to observe from the shadows.

Many players are curious about engaging this enigmatic entity in conversation to learn its purpose.

You will find the Strange figure in Baldur’s Gate 3 in the ruins of the old temple, you can talk to it by approaching patiently and asking questions. If it doesn’t respond, do not demand answers and cause it distress.

This article guides approaching and communicating with the Strange hooded figure based on clues from the game.

Who Is The Strange Figure In Baldur’s Gate 3?

You can find this mysterious hooded figure standing motionless in the shadows of the ruins of the Old Temple District in Baldur’s Gate.

You first encounter it early in the main quest, “A Source of Strife,” as they investigate disturbances in the city.

Though it does not engage or speak, the figure periodically reappears in different areas of the district as you explore.

It is associated with side quests like “A Curious Task” from Harper agent Dror Ragzlin and clues from the shady stranger Murton in the Slums tavern.

the strange figure
You can find the Strange figure in the Shadows of the Ruins in Baldur’s Gate 3.

The quest hints that the hooded figure may guard ancient puzzles or tests within the ruins.

While its true nature is still unknown, speculation suggests it could be a guardian of old magic lingering in ruins.

Furthermore, many speculate it is a spy studying the area for hidden forces or even a powerful lich keeping watch over a hidden phylactery.

Where To Find The Strange Figure?

You can find the Strange figure in the ruins of the Old Temple District in Baldur’s Gate City.

You will see it standing motionless in the shadows of a crumbling building.

  1. First Encounter: You will likely come across the hooded figure early in the game during the opening quest, “A Source of Strife” which tasks the party with investigating disturbances in the city.
  2. Recurring Appearances: The figure does not engage but observes quietly from the shadows. It can be spotted periodically in different areas of the Old Temple District as the player explores and progresses quests.
  3. Associated Quests: Completing the side quest “A Curious Task” given by the Harper agent Dror Ragzlin yields clues about Strange occurrences in the district and hints at the hooded figure’s role. The mysterious Murton in the Slums tavern also alludes to it.
strange hooded
The Strange creature appears after the completion of the quest.
  1. Characters Of Note: Dror Ragzlin the Harper and Murton the mysterious stranger have both taken an interest in the hooded figure and its purpose in the district’s ruins. The hag Agatha also makes cryptic references to “Watchers in the Shadows.”
  2. Places Of Interest: As well as the Old Temple District ruins, the hooded figure has been seen near the abandoned Temple of Selune and behind the Slums tavern where Murton drinks.
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How To Talk To The Strange Figure In BG3?

Carefully approach the Strange hooded figure but maintain a reasonable distance at first.

You must greet it politely and pause to see if it acknowledges or reacts to your voice.

If it does not respond verbally or physically, try introducing yourself in a calm, non-threatening tone.

Ask what it observes from the shadows or if it has witnessed any unusual magic or events in the ruins.

Moreover, you can inquire politely about its purpose for standing watch and if it guards anything important.

Mention other curious sights encountered and see if it offers any insights or knowledge.

Request respectfully where it originated or how long it has remained in the district.

Offer information about your character’s journey and ask if the figure will share any details about itself.

Be Prepared If The Strange Figure Doesn’t Respond

The Strange Figure may not respond or choose to remain silent and mysterious.

Also, be patient and do not demand answers or cause distress.

Have your character and party approach calmly and respectfully to avoid provoking a hostile reaction.

Save your game before interacting if a mistake is made or it reacts unexpectedly.

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The Bottom Line

In Baldur’s Gate 3, a mysterious hooded figure in the ruins raises curiosity.

Clues from NPCs like Dror Ragzlin hint at its role as a guardian or observer of magic.

Patiently approaching, you must aim to unravel its purpose through respectful interaction.

Hopefully, you will be able to talk to the Strange figure in BG3 with the help of this article.

Happy Gaming!

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