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Explore The Tarkov Ritual In Progress Event

Escape from Tarkov hosts seasonal events that add new features, challenges, and rewards to the game.

One of the events that occurs during the Halloween 2023 event is the ritual in progress event.

The Tarkov Ritual In Progress event features cultists attempting to summon an enhanced, vengeful Zraychiy, their boss. Players must eliminate the cultists before the timer expires to halt the ritual. Failure results in a formidable Zraychiy encounter, boasting increased health and damage.

This article discusses the Tarkov Ritual In Progress event and how to stop it.

What Is The Tarkov Ritual In Progress Event?

The Tarkov ritual in progress event is a message on the screen.

The message appears when a player kills the friendly version of Zraychiy.

Zraychiy spawns on every map during the Halloween 2023 event.

While the friendly Zraychiy is non-threatening and drops valuable loot, killing him triggers this event.

Also, the event sets off a seven-minute countdown.

During this countdown, cultists on the map commence a ritual characterized by a distinctive blue beam of light.

This beam of light shoots from the ground to the sky.

The objective for players is to disrupt the ritual by eliminating all nearby cultists before the timer runs out.

Failing to halt the ritual leads to the emergence of a vengeful Zraychiy on the map.

This formidable foe boasts significant health and damage capabilities and threatens all players.

Moreover, he increases the likelihood of weapon jams, making it more challenging to combat him.

The sole means of evading this vengeful Zraychiy is successfully extracting from the map.

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How To Stop The Tarkov Ritual In Progress Event?

The most effective way to prevent the Tarkov Ritual in Progress event is to avoid triggering it in the first place.

This means refraining from harming the friendly Zraychiy that appears on all maps during the Halloween 2023 event.

Instead, you can loot items from him and let him be.

However, if someone else takes down the friendly Zraychiy and activates the event, it’s crucial to act swiftly to halt the ritual before it progresses too far.

Here are steps you can take to stop the Tarkov Ritual in Progress event:

1. Locate The Ritual Site

Look for the distinctive blue beam of light, which marks the location of the ritual site.

This beam is often visible from various points on the map, especially at night.

2. Move Towards The Ritual Site

You must quickly move toward the beam.

Moreover, you must be prepared to encounter enemies and obstacles along your path, ready to engage or evade them.

3. Eliminate Cultists

You will need to take down all the cultists near the beam.

These cultists are typically armed with melee weapons or pistols, making them relatively easy to defeat.

ritual in progress
You need to defeat the cultists that appear with weapons.

However, they might take cover or attempt ambushes, so remain cautious.

4. Confirm Ritual Cessation

Ensure the ritual has been stopped by checking if the message Ritual Stopped appears on your screen.

If not, search for any remaining cultists and eliminate them.

5. Extraction

Swiftly exit the map. Be aware that you might still encounter enemies or hazards on your way out, so stay vigilant.

Following these steps, you can effectively thwart the Tarkov Ritual in Progress event and maintain control of the situation.

How To Survive the Tarkov Ritual In Progress Event?

If you cannot stop the event, you’ll confront a formidable adversary, a vengeful Zraychiy, who emerges on the map.

This vengeful version is a challenging foe, difficult to defeat, and capable of pursuing you anywhere on the map.

Additionally, he increases the frequency of weapon jams, making it more challenging to combat him.

The most effective way to survive this encounter is to evade the vengeful Zraychiy and swiftly extract from the map.

Here are some survival tips to help you in this situation:

1. Stay Clear of His Spawn Location

The vengeful Zraychiy typically spawns near where he or his friendly counterpart was eliminated; you can avoid these areas.

2. Utilize Stealth And Cover

You can use tactics to seek cover whenever possible.

He can detect you through sound and sight, so keep noise to a minimum and minimize your exposure.

3. Use Long-Range Weapons

 If you need to engage him, opt for long-range weaponry.

While he possesses considerable health and damage, he lacks speed and agility.

Try sniping him from a safe distance or use explosives to inflict damage.

4. Use Healing Items And Armor

Carry and use healing items and maintain high armor.

The vengeful Zraychiy can swiftly incapacitate you with a few shots.

Therefore, maintaining your health and armor is crucial.

5. Leverage Teamwork

Coordinate your actions if you have allies on the map.

You can collaborate on attacks and serve as distractions.

This will enable one of you to either extract or inflict damage on the vengeful Zraychiy.

6. Swift Extraction

You’ll need to prioritize performing the extraction.

Also, you must utilize any available extraction points, but exercise caution for other enemies or hazards that may be nearby.

Following these tips enhances your chances of survival when facing the vengeful Zraychiy after failing to halt the ritual event.

The Bottom Line

The Tarkov Ritual is a limited-time event that occurs during the Halloween season.

Players can choose to participate in the event or escape the event.

The ritual has negative consequences for all players on the map, such as thickening fog and increased enemy spawns.

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