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Explore The Details Of Justiciar Crusader In BG3

Justiciar Crusader can be encountered many times during the gameplay in BG3, that is comparatively difficult to defeat.

Also, there is a special Umbral Form of the Justiciar Crusader that you can use in the game.

Justiciar Crusader is an enemy that you can encounter during quests in BG3. The enemy appears if you are too slow to destroy the Umbral Tremors. The enemy is challenging to defeat as they have a health of 200 and respawning capabilities.

Here we will dive deeper into the details of the Justiciar Crusader in Baldur’s Gate 3.

What Is Justiciar Crusader In BG3?

A Justiciar Crusader is an enemy that you may encounter in Baldur’s Gate 3.

The Justiciar Crusader is a huge enemy with a metal-like body and high resistance.

In addition, you can encounter the enemy in multiple instances during Act 2 and Act 3.

The most popular quest where you may encounter the Justiciar Crusader is Shar’s Gauntlet.

Justiciar Crusader BG3
A Justiciar Crusader is an enemy with high resistance and health.

The quest requires you to find Umbral Gems while defeating enemies and obstacles along the way.

Also, players believe defeating enemies in the quest is much more difficult.

A player on Reddit has explained that defeating the Justiciar Crusader results in his death.

The Justiciar Crusader has a whopping 200 health and the ability to respawn.

Justiciar Crusader Reddit
A Reddit user explaining about the encounter with Justiciar Crusader.

In addition, the Justiciar Crusader is an enemy newly discovered by players.

Many players are amazed due to the level of hours they put in the game and are still finding new enemies.

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How To Defeat Justiciar Crusader In BG3?

Justiciar Crusader is an enemy that you must defeat when you encounter them during quests.

You can encounter him during the Ketheric Thorm’s Relic quest or the Gaunlet of Shar quest.

In addition, due to its health bar of 200 and respawning mechanism, it is difficult to defeat.

During the Gaunlet of Shar quest, Umbral Tremors will appear once you reach the location.

Umbral Tremor BG3
Umbral Tremors must be destroyed as soon as possible because they spawn enemies.

If you do not destroy the Umbral Tremors in time, a Justiciar Crusader will appear.

The Umbral Tremors also spawn enemies so that the fight will be much more complicated.

Here are some tips to defeat the Justiciar Crusader.

  1. Firstly, focus on destroying the Umbral Tremors, as they can spawn more enemies.
  2. Use ranged attacks such as the Magic Missile or Arrow of Lighting.
  3. Furthermore, you can use many companions, such as Shadowheart, Lae’zal, Gale, and more, to assist you.
  4. These companions can help defeat the enemies that respawn again and again.
  5. In addition, use a Moonshield, which will allow you to carry a lantern in one hand.
  6. This helps to lighten up the darker areas of Gaunlet of Shar.
  7. Make sure to be as quick as possible to destroy the Umbral Tremors.

You can encounter Justiciar Avenger, Justiciar Soulhunter and Reconstituted Duelist during these Umbral Tremors.

Using these tips can help you defeat Justiciar Crusader and destroy the Umbral Tremors better.

Details Of The Dark Justiciar Helm

Dark Justiciar Helm is a helmet that can be worn by the character in Baldur’s Gate 3.

It is an inventory item worn on the character’s head and provides different benefits.

Also, it can provide benefits such as increased Saving Throws and an advantage on other attacks.

Furthermore, the attacks can hit critical hits on the player wearing the Dark Justiciar Helm.

Also, the helmet is 1 kilogram in weight and has a Medium Armor Proficiency.

In addition, the helmet has a value of 320 Gp and can be found at the Grymforge location of the game.

The exact coordinates of the Grymforge location in Baldur’s Gate 3 are X: -622, Y: 258.

Therefore, use the Dark Justiciar Helm wisely to reap its benefits in your gameplay.

The Bottom Line

A Justiciar Crusader is an enemy you may encounter multiple times in Bakdur’s Gate 3.

The enemy is newly discovered by many players, even with more than 500 hours of gameplay.

However, with a little bit of practice and some tips and tricks, you can be successful in the fight.

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